Update database for each transaction


i mean any product sold or added

for every change in stock !

If you have SQL Express setup and your terminals are connected to that main database then there is no additional setup you do. All terminals use the single database and will update it.

SQL Express is not the one SambaPOS installs that is LocalDB version of SQL Express and only supports 1 terminal.

If you go to Settings > Local Settings > Database what does it say for Data Connection String?


well u r true i think this is not express

Ok so set each terminal to connect to that and it will update just fine. I am not sure what you are asking.

There is no special automation for updating that.

You mentioned after WP… what are you doing to update it after WP ? Sales and inventory is updated constantly not after WP closed.

sorry what is WP?

Work Period = WP…

You should never manually update the database. I am confused what you are wanting to do.

lol lets start from the very beginning
u said that the db is updated instantly after each transaction right?
what happens with me that i check for my sold products and find nth updated till i end work period and then it pops up a msg saying backing up db

What report are you using?

well i know nothing about reports
but i just look at db using some commands
like select * from costitems
to see when db is updated

So you do not go to the reports and look at sales?

I think we are confused with terms. Are you only talking about inventory? Or do you want to see sales of each item?

The database does not always store everything you need in single tables. This is why we use reports.

fine …
i want when i sell any item from any of the terminals it decrements instantly in db of all terminals

You have got to tell me what your wanting. Are you wanting to look at sales… how many items were sold… or are you wanting to look at inventory or are you wanting to see cost?

The database is updated constantly on every transaction. I think you were looking at some specific table in the database but I am not sure what.