Update Order Price with Portion and Price Tag

Hey @emre

Sorry to be a pain lately but can you check if this Action is working. If I only pass a {PRICE} then the Order line is Updated correctly with the new Price BUT the Price Tag is downgraded to DEFAULT.

Desired behaviour:
If a Price Change is made to a Portion & Price Tag i.e. MIDDY & STAFF PRICE then I would expect that price to be updated? This goes toward being able to make a permanent price change to a PRICE TAG PORTION.



I have upgraded the Action to include {PORTION} and {PRICE TAG} as I guess without these a “New Price” will always be considered DEFAULT?

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I didnt think about price tag in price change action, have put portion in to kep portion the ame but price tag use is faily limited on my system.

Just to throw spanner in the works of you seeming complex prce tagsetup… what happens if you change portion after setting price tag?

Well I guess if the {PRICE} was not saved to the DBO then the {PRICE} would be lost. I see no issue with this as the Operator was asked “Is this a permanent Price Change?”

I mean does the price of the new portion revert to default or is it the price for that portion on the durrent price tag?

Do you mean Normal {PRICE TAG} price from the database? I would expect yes if they changed from MIDDY to SCHOONER then whatever the Schooner price is.

Sorry, I mean if its Middy on Happy Hour Price and you change to Schooner does to use Normal or Happy Hour Price for portion change?

I would expect Happy Hour as that was the predetermined {PRICE TAG}. Happy hour is not the best example a better one would be “FUNCTION” or “TRADE” price level.

These levels (as I think you have done) may be carried from a Customer custom Tag and therefore I would expect all the same pricing across the board if you changed Portions. Emre has done a good intuitive implementation as this as if a Price Tag PORTION is $0.00 then it used the DEFAULT Price tag - all good.

In that case the Price YES would go to Normal Price Tag or DEFAULT if no Price existed for that Tag.

The one variation Emre is looking into is what if DEFAULT is $ZERO? I have requested the Price should not move if a Update Order is issued through Automation. You were in that thread as well - thanks for your advice by the way.

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I think I will place this function on hold until @emre has time to clarify if the [:Price Tag] is working as a parameters of not.

See reference to Q’s post:

OK I’m reading… Well there are a lot of price tag related topics and I’m a little lost. Why you’re setting portion, price tag and price at once with a single action? Why your default prices are 0? It is a little hard to consider what to do when you set everything at once and expect SambaPOS to resolve that. It is working fine for a long time and I don’t want to break working cases while trying to fit that to that requirement. Sorry I’m a little tired today…

So its not just me lol. I was having a hard time following why your doing what your doing. I understand what your doing I just can not figure out why.

Understand your not feeling so good, thanks for replying.

I am trying to change a PRICE for a PORTION that is currently using a PRICE TAG that is not DEFAULT i.e. “FUNCTIONS” or “TRADE”

I started including more parameters to try to get it to work. If I manually change a price and that price was a PORTION and PRICE TAG - the new {PRICE} becomes a “non- Price Tag” price.

Ok I know where some confusion might be. By default you mean a specific Price Tag that your using as your primary prices? Like we discussed the other day?

I can’t even understand that lol… I think I need to sleep.

Maybe a will do a GIF to help explain…

Emre I am pretty sure he is using a custom Price Definition for his department as a Default. He set his department to use a specific price tag. The others he is using to define non default prices.

@pauln Your wanting to keep it defined within a price tag so you can reference it in tickets and reports right?

OK. Great got it now.

For example? Regular price for Coke is 5 and 4 on Happy Hour. Are you trying to change it to 3 or are you trying to change it to a different tag?

I am trying to alter the “$4” HH to “$3” HH and keep the HH Price Tag ON?
If I just pass {PRICE} to Update Order it will set the price BUT reset the {PRICE TAG} to NULL?

I would like to have the option using Automation to permanently save to the DBO a new PRICE for say coke HH at $3". But the {PRICE TAG} is reset.

Is that setup in your latest backup you sent me?

Setting price to 3 will clear Price Tag as it is not HH price anymore. Setting HH tag will change price back to 4 also…

Can you explain me why you need to both change price and keep the HH tag? I’m trying to understand how it is important for the business flow.

No but I can resend a backup I did last night - just need to know if I should take out sending PORTION & PRICE.