Update Order Price with Portion and Price Tag

Let me explain how that action works.

Price Tag will update an item to that Tags Price… Portion will update item to that portion price… You can not change those manually it reads them and updates order accordingly. So obviously if you try to set a portion thats priced as well as a price definition thats priced… itsnot going to work. So the only thing you can do with your specific setup is leave out portion and price tag and just change price of item…

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Ok - what I might do is restrict the ability to change a non-regular price. As you said it does not make good practise to have a 2nd,3rd… etc. price level to change the regular price BUT then want to change the price again.

Thank you for your explanation above. I am glad we explored these options.

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Reallly I dont see anything wrong with wanting to change price again… but it should be understood that once changed its no longer defined as the price tag anymore.

You CAN change price and keep portion name. I can show you how to do that.

Yes if you can please just to ensure I am doing it correctly.
Also can you think of a way I could disable or hide Price Change button if a non-regular price has been selected?

I know you going to say “States” but any other ways…

That is the only way to hide or enable buttons. Why look for other ways?

You simply make an invisible state called PriceTag and just feed it the actual name of the tag used.

Setup your action like this to enable changing price but keeping portion name.

I think hat works without {PRODUCT NAME} as well, thanks.

Ok sorry for being greedy here but invisible tags, I am interested.

Also see how the menu defaults back to “Test menu” supplied on installation. That really bugs me - can that be avoided? I know it does that on a Price List Action call as well - but that is ok.

haha yes it can. When I say invisible state I mean set it so only Admin can see it In other words don’t define it just use it in the action and rule.

That toggle for updating price seems kind of clunky would they really want to toggle that? I mean if you have portions its going to close and you have to click on order again for next toggle. You can stop that btw… uncheck clear selections from that command.

LOL - I thought you were holding back on another one of those hidden secret features! Never know with you guys, just when you think your in race, it goes to power down mode!

Yes this was mainly to explore all options. Price Tags will be carried from Customer. There are 2 tags under options that will turn pricing on for a Terminal for events say “Wedding Reception”.

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To fix your menu swapping fiasco set the default menu for Department System to any menu.

I thought I do? I must be looking in the wrong area?

actually nevermind that didnt work either … hmm

Thank goodness I just tried… was looking for the white towel to throw!

I think I know what it is… it has to do with your POS button one second.

EDIT: Ok its your Ticket Type. The POS menu is set to Kitchen.

Edit your ticket type and set POS menu to Bar

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You do not know how many months this has plagued me!!! Anyway what does POS menu mean anyway?
Also I just cleared the setting and it seems to have fixed it as well…

Still reeling from the comment:

kendash at his exceptional best giving caring sympathetic advice - now I am making myself laugh…Really I love it, and thanks for sorting that out!

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When you enter POS via navigation whichever ticket type is set it defaults to that menu. You couldnt see it because ticket was not refreshed yet until order added. It was by default entering Bar department.

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LOL its really a problem I have and I try to control it but I learn very fast and because of that I see things that others cant and it gets me frustrated so much that sometimes I dont watch how I say things. I dont really mean to be that way. When something seems so obvious and easy to me it frustrates me when others dont see it. I wish I wasnt that way…

I dont mean to say you frustrate me I am just opening up a little here and letting you know.

I have a very active mind and I learn extremely fast sometimes I overload myself with too many things even.

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Mate - do not change a thing!
I am still laughing at my own joke so will give you a sense of how I think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please that is how I respond to my team for exactly the same reasons, I just needed a laugh :laughing:

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One day I will reach more of my potential and really commit to doing something smart lol. Sad truth is I get bored because nothing has ever really been challenging consistently for me. SambaPOS keeps my interest and has been good for me. I am glad I found it. To be honest most of the things I do in SambaPOS I never use in my actual restaurant.

PS: My nephew is a Software Engineer at Google, I should reach out to him and have him teach me some things. But then again those Google engineers are pretty snobby…

Off topic:
Umm 1 day I might just give offer you that “challenge” could be quite rewarding in many ways. I have always had opportunity but not enough support to take them.

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