Updating Inventory

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Hi fam, After checking warehouses and seeing that predicted inventory was 114 bottles of water, I did a physical count to see what was actually left. I found that there was 112 bottles meaning there was a shortage of 2 bottles. The shortage has been recorded separately. So how do I now update my inventory to reflect the number of bottles I have left?

Don’t use inventory but my understand is you add an adjustment - think it needs to be done outside of a work period.

Make your adjustments in Inventory > End of Day Records. WP must be closed.

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Thanks for the feedback. I tried that but after I click on save and later check the warehouse records, it still shows the same thing. Anything else you can suggest?

No that is how you adjust inventory. Did you start a new workperiod to see if it was reflected?


It has worked perfectly after starting a new work period. Thanks a mill Kendash