User showing up as * in kitchen print sometimes

Should I disable log out feature and just create action and rule to log out user when order submitted? and see how that goes tomorrow?

Okay, I told my uncle to ask them but he usually cant get much explanation out of them either.

I thought you said you were not using that? Just try disabeling it from terminal 3 for a bit see if it happens again…

im not on tablets, but i am on waitress station

LOL they gotta give you something. I mean if they refuse to work with you to try and fix an issue this important to them… then you might recommend them use pen and paper so they can support their own mistakes.

Ive looked over those 2 tickets… only thing I can think of is if they were reopened on the terminal that has auto logout and then left open and updated at some point changing user to * But that is unlikely.

My gut feeling is it has to do with the RDP setup for some reason and that tablet is getting auto logged out.

Do you have separate windows user accounts for each rdp tablets? Did you moved localsettings file to each users’ folder?

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I setup multiple users yes every tablet has its own user account! but I did not move localsettings file to each users folder. To be honest I was unaware that needed to be done. The settings showed differently for each tablet, meaning each tablet has its own terminal showing up so I figured it did have its own local settings file or else when I changed the terminal on one user account the other one would show the same.

My uncle is saying that he thinks it might of started doing it after the autologout feature was enabled on waitress station.

How do I move local settings file to each users folder?

That should help you.

BTW looking at how basic your setup is PMPOS is not too far off from you benefiting from it. I mean it could already do everything you need from what I can tell. It needs a few more tweaks obviously but its very close to working as basic order taking.

I probably shouldnt have said that lol. I can feel @emre rolling his eyes at me now.

There are two buttons under local settings screen.
Copy SambaSettings.txt from Application Folder to User Folder. When SambaPOS finds a SambaSettings.txt file at User Folder it will use that so separate windows user logins will have their own local settings.

PS: You should copy that file once for each user

Does it not have its own right now since each user account clearly has different terminal names?

Okay I will do that tonight. Should I do that first and see tomorrow how things go or should I also take out auto logout? My uncle said I can remove the feature because they no longer care for it much, but id still like to resolve this issue for future uses or incase another user in forum has it.

I know Iv realized that everyday I check the status on the forum. I think the only thing holding me back is the order tags section. I feel like you guys are quite far from getting prefixes and sub order tags working. If you guys got that, id honestly jump on it asap since rdp is still giving me minor issues of sometimes having to restart server. Not often enough to find it unbearable but id definetely like to see a pm-pos android web app. That would be heaven for me lol I almost want to hire a developer and pay him to get full features of order tags done on pm-pos.

Unless he can strike a deal with Emre to add GQL support this wont be an option. I shouldnt have said what i said but I do like to see people get interested to hopefully provide meaningful feedback unfortunately only very few does this most sit back and just give laundry lists of requests :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sorry though I should refrain from building up too much excitement until we are closer to ready for real world testing. However we are very close to basic use.I dont think it will be long to see Order Tags working as normal minus advanced stuff. Anyway I will stop I dont want to detract from this actual thread sorry.

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I love talk like this lol. I will be having huge profit margins here in detroit as I start doing more samba tablet installations. I currently have samba installed at only 2 locations and only 1 has tablets which is my uncles restaurant used for test location. Unfortunately I get crashes at both locations so still not super confident that I can start growing my business just yet. I have one client that wants my system and will probably do their installation within the next month with rdp and then just convert them to pm-pos when available.

Anyways my point is with my huge profit margins I will be honored to give back to the sambaPOS team because they deserve it. They can expect great donations from me soon as my business takes off. Hopefully more business owners that depend on the samba team of developers will also give back a percentage of their profits so that we can grow this software into one of the best Point of Sale programs available in the world, if it already isnt lol. Also think its important that we give back so we can try to keep samba as inexpensive as it currently is.

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Am having a similar problem with auto logout, I would like to configure logout command to execute when close button is clicked. Kindly give me detailed steps on how to accomplish this.

Thanks in advance.

If you want logout when ticket is closed, why not just tick the box for autologout, its in terminal settings i think.

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Well that I had done too but the issue was still happening. I had to turn the feature off because I couldn’t figure out how to solve it to be honest.

Arrr, remember the conversation just about now… expect its some ticket closing rule causing logback in glitch but without user.

The solution was to not use autologout ans do manual using execute automation command action with background option set to true to a second rule with the logout so that the logout waits for all other rules to hapen before actually loggin out.

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I have same issue. It happens when you already have placed an order… say for example table 1, then if you go into same table, and click “add new ticket” it would appear as no waiter on kitchen display or tickets printed.

I had a * user issue a while back and was related to my automation and the autologout option in terminal settings.
The autologout option would force logout but the automation tricked the pos to reopen or not actually logout resulting in no actual user being logged in.
Check in the bottom right in your process flow to see if the username next to main menu button changes to *

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