Using Demo Mode

I’m so dumb… I used the demo mode to configure my entire POS system. Now after a 2 days of perfectly great use, it’s starting to slow probably due to it not having a database and storing lots of information.

Is there Any way to help migrate it to the CE mode or will I have to start from scratch?

You can migrate from CE to SQL, there I’d a topic with directions, did myself after a few moths when I first started.

I don’t have any .sdf file, there’s only text files

@JTRTech he had his set to Text Demo Mode. Unfortunately @cowvin there will be no way to migrate that. You will need to rebuild it. I recommend not using CE as its much slower and limited compared to SQL. You should install the localDB version or install SQL Express 2014 instructions are located here:

To explain demo mode, It uses a single text file to temporarily store some data but it will NOT work for very long and it is NOT a database.

If you choose to go the SQL Express 2014 route you will find its much more flexible and gives you greater control and performance.

Crikey!!! Ok, not sure but you might be able to install the database tools mode and expert your settings?? And import to database setup!

Database Tools works with Databases… his is not a database its just a text file with temporary configuration data for demo.

Alright, thanks so much.
If I use SQL Express, will I need Internet to use it after I set up? Or can I use it locally in my machine?

locally is fine iit will work