Using Order tag to update Product Tag or state

Hi everyone,

Just trying to set up a course grouping function,
as the client is using Gotablets to take orders,
when following this tutorial to set up the Order Course Shivan's Tutorial 2 - Order Courses & Order Grouping

I run into the question as how would one change course on the Go tablets?
So I thought that instead of an Automation Command Button, Will it be possible to do the same but with Order Tags?

Eg. when [Order Tags:Course] contains/equals [Main Course]
So It triggers the update Product state into Main Course?
then create a rule for each course?

I think I am on the right track, if someone more experienced on this can share some insight would be much appreciated.

In theory would use order tagged event but not sure if/how will work on tablet…

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I’m not sure if this would work on a tablet either, but maybe a prompt with your course selection?

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Does promot work on tablet?

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No, I don’t know if it would work on a tablet. I know tablets works different than a PC, but how different I do not know.

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I instead just went with Order Tag all the way, didn’t bother with the Product tag, as I think it will mess the system up if I am not careful with the rules.

So on printed tickets, they will be grouped under Product Tag, and on the kitchen display, I have redefined the custom value to include the Order Tag, so order from the same table will be grouped onto 2 cards depends on the main or starter.

and now it looks like this:


I will test the GO tablets out tomorrow. I think it should work as intended this way.

Just posting some update about this setup where I used order tag to determine courses and then make them show on different task list in kitchen display.

This way it works but also have potential downside. As on the go tablet. Portions are auto selected to the first one. But order tags are not. Even you define this is the menu settings. On the go tablet client tags are always deselected.

So customers have to select the course for each item, which can get tedious with large groups and orders.

Don’t know if there is anyway to bypass this.

It really sounds like we need to build a feature to Go Tablet to really support courses. @VehbiEmiroglu

I dont think its on our roadmap right now but we could evaluate that for future maybe.