Using Order Tags as Product Modifiers

It won’t decrease quantity. It will simply remove tag.

ok thanks @emre i have one more question if we order same product with same modifier then shouldnt the quantity increase

can we use \r in modifier tag value. i have a long word for modifier i want it to be displayed on two lines:
Chicken Sandwich with Fries
Chicken Sandwich
with Fries

Dear All,

I am a silent follower of your post up till now, First of all i’d like to thank you for your support that has benefit me indirectly too. I have a question that i am stuck with, I am using V3 for various reason and cannot upgrade to V4. Please let me know if it’s possible to this.

My question is hiding order tags from screen until a Tag above is clicked so for example

I have 3 tags as follows

Stand Meal Variety Meal Kids Meal

If i click on stand meal tag it should show me further choices of sides and drinks

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated

@omer, is there a Group Tag in v3? If so, you can use that.

It has been so long, I don’t remember…

Thank you for you reply @QMcKay. I have similar setup as you suggested but i have some how managed to get it to work some other way …

Hello, I’m having a little problem with setting up default tags. When i try to set up items with two or more default tags it doesn’t seem to work.

What i get is: only one tag is listed under the item, but none of the tags show up selected

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Pretty sure there shouldnt be a space after comma, try;

Baked Potato,Mixed Veg
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I took out the space and got an odd result. Now the second item shows up underneath

So you have it like I showed?

yea no space between the tags

Do you have the same Order Tags in multiple Tag Groups?
Do you have Max Tags set properly?
Do you have the Groups mapped to the Products properly?

1 - order tags are under multiple groups. they are the list of sides for the restaurant so they come up with alot of items
2- max tag is set up correctly

3- Mapping is correct

Check for typos. Spelling has to be same also capitalization.

This is the problem. It does not know how to distinguish the same tag in multiple groups and is acting upon the constraints of the first group listed, even if that Group is not mapped to the product in question.

To overcome this, you need to name your tags differently from 1 group to another. Using a space (or 2 or 3) after the tag name in successive groups will suffice. For example, if I have a tag called “Tomato” in the Group Veggies, and the same tag in the Group Pizza Toppings, I need to name one as “Tomato” and the other as "Tomato " (note the space).

Now when you want to auto-select them, you will also need to be cognizant of the proper tag, and either use a space, or not.

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Configuring it as Group1=Tag,Group2=Tag should solve that. For example.

Veggies=Tomato,Pizza Toppings=Pepperoni



I have a question about order tags price. Is possible that the order tag price is a % of product price?

Thank you

You can in V5 when release


I am trying to use order tags as product modifiers but you always need select the product before to can use order tag. Is possible a windows pop up that appears when you add a product to order?

Thank you