Using Promotions to Gift Multiple Items


We have gone through the Promotions and Coupons tutorial and I must say its quite impressive as how much can be achieved using Actions and Rules to customize samba pos to our needs.

In the Coffee Promotions tutorial we can only have free Coffee as a give away when customer has 6 points. Our scenario is slightly different. We give our customer points on purchases which we have configured. When the customer has 10 points they are given an option of multiple items such as Coffee, Cupcake, Cookie with 10, 8 and 6 points respectively.

So if a customer with 10 points orders a Cookie he will have 4 points remaining in his card and then he has more points say 20 or 30 then we have other items such as sandwiches, burgers, fries etc.

Can anyone help us (since so far none of my posts have had any replies) on how to configure the point system to be used for redeeming different items having a different redemption point value to it.


Hello I’ve tried creating a new sample by using custom product tags feature but had to made some small fixes so it will work after next update [4.1.23] . I’ll post a detailed tutorial with that release.


@chrisharrison21 sorry for responding a little late. I’ve prepared a tutorial for you. Tracking Promotions by Points