Using Regenerate Ticket after changing Ticket Type

I noticed that the 5.2.12 Release highlights includes the following:

  • Regenerate Ticket command added to Execute Ticket Command Action to fully update display.

Does anyone have any info on what this action does and how/when it should be used?

I am starting to work with pre-order tickets and I would like to create a rule that converts the pre-order ticket in to a sales ticket and refreshes the screen in order to correctly show a bunch of corresponding command buttons for this new ticket type, most notably (but nto exclusively) a “settle” button which I do not have activated of the pre-order ticket.

At the moment the whole process works, but once completed I need to close the ticket and then re-open it, which I guess I could do through a series of actions, but I was wondering if it’s possible to do this automatically using this ‘regenerate’ function??? Maybe that’s not at all the purpose of the action and I’m barking up the wrong tree?

I’ve had the exact same problem as you - wanting to change ticket type part way through a ticket and having different mappings for what buttons appear for each ticket type, but been unable to refresh the display when changing ticket type.

Have you not just tried it?

I just tried it, adding the action to an existing setup I have for changing ticket type.


It appears to change entity types based on the ticket type, but does not change automation command buttons. You can see the “Select Deliverer” appearing and disappearing, Deliverer entity type is only set on Delivery ticket type.

In this case, my Delivery ticket type would have additional buttons that don’t show when changing the ticket type this way:

That was implemented when we were developing the new combo builder.

This is what it does. To do what you want you would use save ticket action.

I tried it but because I don’t use different entity type I was unable to persceive any difference based on firing this particular action so I wasn’t sure if I was using the right thing, or if I was using it correctly.

Just save, or do I then need close it and re-open it using the ticket ID?

This is what I am currently doing, but I wonder if it’s too many steps

[BTN: ConvertTicket]
[RULE: Change ticket type, Close Ticket, Execute Automation Command - Value=TICKET ID]
[RULE: Display Ticket using value passed in as CommandValue]

Only issue with save ticket is it will save and submit the orders to then print to kitchen which would cause problems. Only way around that would involve changing a lot of default rules.

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No I don’t think so. It needs to close ticket first. I haven’t tested that though.

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