SambaPOS 5.2.12 Release

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:warning: Don’t forget to create a backup before installing new releases. You’ll need a working backup if you need to rollback to previous version.

What’s new in 5.2.12

  • getOrderTags mutation problem query with no portion
  • Reset category when ticket closed.
  • Reset report cache for each graphql query.
  • Refresh selected category when change screen menu action executed.
  • Control null value while validating sub button color definitions.
  • Attempt to wrap menu button text if it contains formatting tags fixed
  • New tags to read order tag total and order tag group name added
  • Custom tags for inventory items added
  • Inventory item custom tag support for custom reports added
  • Custom grouping for tickets added
  • Only refresh orders while grouping ticket.
  • Task printer translation removed
  • Conditional Format tag for custom Button formatting added
  • Regenerate Ticket command added to Execute Ticket Command Action to fully update display.
  • Debouncing ticket list scroll to bottom.
  • Change Active Department action added
  • Group by order state for Payment Screen added
  • Save report descriptions and display them on report work period picker added.
  • Visible price added to printer template tags.
  • Clickable payment screen groups added
  • Auto Rounding Payment Screen denomination buttons added.
  • Multiply ticket total with exchange rate when calculating selected total on payment screen fixed.
  • Ticket state duration field for report ticket details report added.
  • Refresh orders when update order action executes.
  • Experimental: Auto Discovery of Message Server.
  • Order Tag Selector performance improvements.
  • enforceQuantity setting for addOrderToTerminalTicket mutation. When enabled quantity will be used as quantity for zero priced products.
  • Adding orders by typing “x” from numberpad. When X used entered value will be used as quantity for zero priced products.
  • Fixed adding two order rows issue.,
  • Allow 0 length quantity for weight barcodes.
  • Tax calculation method to include whole pre tax calculations added.
  • Display format for entity grid widget added.
  • Async executing menu items.
  • Display payment screen parameters renamed for better understanding.
  • Highlight portion button if both name and order price matches.
  • Getting gift excluded group totals in printer template grouping added.
  • And also some performance optimizations.

Update seems to have affected my stock take reports (no longer populate as they did) but I have been working a better report template anyway so not so bothered about this as I can work around.
Won’t be able to show templates for a while as busy work wise at moment, just making this comment
to see if anyone else has noticed issues.

On the plus side Samba is noticeably faster on my lower spec terminal.

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The installer won’t run on Windows Server 2016. It ran on Windows 10, though.

What error did you get?

Hi guys

I want to do like @emre did in here SambaPOS 5.2.11 Beta Release

but I cant access this topic

That is most likely because its in a BETA forum which you may not have access to.

This new release allows us to do this.

I have actually already managed to get it work. I intend to put together a tutorial to show you exactly how this can be done.

Stay Tuned!

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Look forward to that too…:sunglasses:

Here you go

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There was no error. When I double click the exe, my mouse cursor briefly shows the loading circle and doesn’t do anything else. I tried to run it as Windows 8 Compatible, but still didn’t work.

I was able to install SambaPOS 5.2.10 on it last week without problems.

Check to see if installer service for Windows was hung up?

If the Installer Service was stopped, wouldn’t that have meant that I woundn’t have been able to install anything? I was able to install 2 other programs just fine.

Probably I’m just guessing based on the very small info you have provided.

It is probably related to windows protection because it’s an “unknown file” and not digitally signed, in Windows 10 it comes up with a dialog warning you and letting you “run anyway”. It is most likely in Server 2016, this is just being blocked.

I was thinking the same thing too. I was able to install 5.2.10 just fine last week, but there was a Windows Security Update 2 days ago that may have changed something. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

No it’s not related to that.

It is this:


This shows in Windows 10, it’s because the file is unsigned and unknown, so Windows sees it as a potential risk. On Windows 10 the default setting is to show this dialog, but since Windows Server is built to be more secure, it’s most likely the default setting is to just block and not show the dialog. I don’t use Windows Server so cannot comment on how to resolve, but I am pretty certain this is your problem.

Okay. I already have Windows Firewall disabled, but I will try and disable SmartScreen too. Thanks for the advice.

When was the new “Safely Auto Size Columns” added and what exactly does it do differently from “Auto Size Columns” ?

EDIT: Ok so I can partly answer this myself, comparing using Auto Size vs Safely Auto Size, for example on the ScreenMenuItems table, I can see some columns are set as nvarchar(MAX) as opposed to setting specific size on every column. I am guessing this is to reduce the amount of “auto resizing” that happens during use? @emre what is the difference regarding performance with safely vs standard auto size columns?

Auto Size Columns


Safely Auto Size Columns


Go to Windows Defender settings > App & browser control, it is likely this setting is at “Block”, set it to “Warn” then will be same as Windows 10.

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