Using the custom report to break down inventory for each till

So I have recently implemented the inventory system into the system however I thought I could work around breaking down the warehouse into two by putting it in as one and hoped that the Custom reports could breakdown what each till has sold and the inventory it has used. I thought I could work it out however merging the inventory code down with the terminal code.

Is this even possible or should I look at an alternative way around this?

Have you read this?

I have, the only problem is both departments run the same products which means I have to put the products in twice. doesn’t it?

I see what you mean, yes. However, the Tutorial also gives an idea.

For example, you have access to the tag {:CURRENTTERMINAL}. Perhaps you could use that in some way to map the Till to a particular Warehouse in the Update Order Action.

Not sure, would have to experiment with it, but it is an idea anyway.

I will experiment now and once I have got it working I will put into the notes here.

thank you