Usual Order Category

Hi Team, I’m sure I’ve asked this before but I can’t find it. I want to have a Menu Category called ‘Usuals’ where the menu items are regular customer names. Essentially I want to press their name and their usual order comes up. I think I just need to duplicate a previous order? Is it as simple as that?


Problematic of that is - how do you define what they usually have when throughout certain period they had 10 to 20 different things?

How would you define which one is the “usual” if they had the same quantity of two different products?

You solve the first, it will be easy to pull it up and add it as an “usual” order

maybe you can try look into cloning orders and you work from there

This will only be used for regular customers who come in every day and order the same coffee each time. They come to the counter and say ‘just the usual thanks’. This is fine if the person on till ‘knows’ what their usual is lol.

You could add automation command buttons to the category and use the customer’s primary key (name, phone, who knows) as the command value. Then in the rules for each customer add the menu items necessary.

There is this article in the KB section:

I not sure if this would work, but adding 2 new custom fields to the customers entity. One for Menu Item another for Order Tags. When a customer is selected and the new custom fields are not null, a popup could ask the user to use the Usual Menu Item. Not sure how to handle if they have more than 1 menu item. Loop values would work for the menu item but the order tags probably would not work…unless some script could be created to separate each order tag(s) group for each menu item. You could also create automation that would add/update usual order items by selecting the item(s) and clicking a automation command button set to Order Line.
Again, not sure if this would work. It works in my head, but then again allot of things work and do not work up there. :crazy_face:

I know, exactly my point. Making the POS figure out what needs to be cloned is the problematic part.

Ive done a setup before where in the end it came down to actually assigning specific menu items to the customer but as all things, employees change, customer changes tastes and its never maintained.

Creating dynamic version of that is somewhat complicated. I think if they have the same coffee every time, maybe all you need is a clone ticket tutorial with slight modifications to accommodate last tickets of specific customer.

My intention is that it will only ever be a single coffee item e.g. Large Soy Flat White with 2 Sugars, Xtra hot.

Maybe the occasional customer that gets 2 coffees but they are always the same.

My idea is simply to clone a previous order each visit. So cloning sounds like the solution.