V4 Delivery System not working

When i enter the code in lister 1 According to V3 and V5 guide notting works
need help

What code in what lister?
Youhaventgiven anyone much to go on…
Please understand samba is very flexable and every system is different.
What titorial you following?
Show screenshots of the lister I gyration and its properties/settings and linked automaton.

I m making screen shots i will show you when its complete

V5 guide will not work in v4 at all. V3 guide will but it needs to be modified, some automation changed between versions specifically with constraints.

ok i made all screen shot step by step and i have no idea what went wrong

<img src="/uploads/default/origina<img src="/uploads/default/origina<img src="/uploads/default/origina<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/8/e/8efe84e5<img src="/uploads/default/origina<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/d/9/d974b6000da175a2858c2a2f8ea716c35899b434.jpg" width=“690” height=“517”>l/3X/2/1/21c0ffcb261589222bcf519ab10acdce7629770b.jpg" width=“690” height=“517”>fc4ee68443fe92f9f38c96f458a39aba.jpg" width=“690” height=“517”>l/3X/4/9/498632c0a8a72b31cc526cfd2c6a81e60ec2be9f.jpg" width=“690” height=“517”>l/3X/9/7/9719854f405a3d6f4821be76ff6ee361c5a999cf.jpg" width=“690” height=“517”>l/3X/0/5/05f01f800d1c1ed6731e143aa071416d17d57aca.jpg" width=“690” height=“517”>

i skip region part because i dont need it right now

so any idea it seem that the code in lister is not working

Lots of mistakes with custom constraints. V3 has empty constraints but v4 does not require that.

So what u suggest what should i need to do there is no tutorial for delivery in v4

any help with it need you urgent responce if possible

Upgrade to V5.1.60

Use this Tutorial:

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