V5 - Bar Tab Setup


Hi There! New to samba POS, based in NYC. Thanks for posting this @RickH , but wondering if you could point me in the direction of how to go about tweaking a few of these rules. Not a coding expert, so didn’t want to touch any of the scripts unless advised.

1- We would like to remove the “bar tab limit” to no limit, what is the easiest and best way to do that?

2- We are running on the dollar, how do we change this from the Pound to the US dollar?

THANKS in advance!!


UPDATE I managed to switch the symbol “£” and replace with “$” in everywhere but the “balance due”. (see screenshot). I don’t really care if it shows up like that, but I want to make sure it isn’t making a currency conversion or messing with the accounting in any way


See this post …

It isn’t doing conversion or messing anything up. It is just a symbol in the Ticket Lister Widget Template.

See this post …

You can probably delete the Mapping for that Rule so that the Rule is deactivated without changing anything within the Rule itself.


That was fast! Thank you so much, I think i did it…

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sir i have been reading all your tutorial that was nice i want to creat something for my take away so sale is parked until i settle i like your reporting as well is there any possibilty you can guide me to scrren shots how you creat thoese bar tab buttons and and how it is take name so post as screen shot as i dont now hoe to copy zip into data base even if i copy it will be no use to me

thanks in advance


A slightly less pretty method that Ricks but check my ‘Temp Tab’ video tutorial for some ideas;

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iam ffacing the same problem tickts are listed in the bar tab screen when i tried to open that action its un defined cant open the action ca u please help


hi sir
i like your bar setup i will use it for takeaway
when i open ticket and add products to it then lets say customer changes its mind then i void every thing but the tickt still shows in the bar tab entity screen is it possible but when i settle any tickt it vanishes is it possible to fix this


It shouldnt appear once settled, it may be that theres a rule missing, it should when settled change state from Bar Tab so that it doesnt appear

Im not at PC until later so ill check my setup and see whats missing


thanks for prompt reply
when i settle it lets say 5 pound bill settled with 5 pound it setles every thing okay it vanishes

but lets say i put produtcs then close it and lets say customer change its mind so i have to void all the products in the ticket and then close it it stays tthere in the entity screen until i close work period and wheni click it or open bar tab i can see it all voided items in it can settle it or get rid of it please help

and is it possible to see bar tab in only in specific department



Set up the abort transaction setup, have a search on the forum, instead of voiding each order individually the abort transaction setup cancels it all and closes ticket, and in this rule i added an update state action that removes the bar tab state so it doesnt show


After trying this setup, I found that I can ONLY run it properly with “admin” rights

If I log in with any other user rights this will pops up

Also I why I cannot edit the two Actions which are grouped as [Undefined]. What is Undefined actions?

AT_TicketType Name - Ticket
AT_TicketType Name - Bar Tab


You installed a setup almost 3 years old. It’s likely not compatible with the new version. You will need to fix it on your own.


Admin PIN is set in the auto command settings, go to the auto command for the button you are pressing that causes that popup (i think its the open bar tab button) and turn off admin pin


And your undefined actions are most likely because you don’t have the additional ticket actions module installed…


@RickH, thx solved my puzzling, I need a better eye glasses, must be getting old!

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More Ticket Actions seemed to have been installed but I will uninstall it and reinstall it again to see if that matters.


Hi all…
I was interesting in testing this setup, But was a bit of a dumb ass and used the Setup zip on my live database instead of using my testing one.

I’ve removed all the rules, actions, entities etc that I can find in the database, however I can’t seem to find where to remove the “Open Bar Tab” button from the right side of the ticket window.

Can anyone suggest where I should be looking for this?


Look in your automation commands it should be there and just delete it


Hi Rick, that where I would expect to find it, and I did remove the Open Bar Tabs command from there already.

However, even after closing SambaPOS completely and restarting the program, the button is still there.