V5 - Bar Tab Setup


I loaded the file provided here to a fresh install , all i got is one bar tab entity screen and no pos no customer nothing , what wrong i did.


What do you mean no pos or customer?? Can you show screenshots, this setup has nothing to do with customers or the pos screen


Sorry, I didn’t add I went through all the actions, rules, print jobs and Automation commands. All seems to be in order.

Ill have another look tonight. Like I said its not a massive problem as we will probably not use it anyway just intrigued as to why it didn’t work out the box.

As for the guy above… I’m wondering if he installed the correct zip file and theres a couple above?


Edit: but then saying that the limit reached is something important so thats something ill check tonight too cos I do actully want that bit working.


Ticket state might be it.


Hi @RickH , look like it was my bad on the printing.

I had set up a new printer and it wasn’t working correctly due to that… rookie error. However the limit isn’t working, Any clues as to why that may be? Ill scour over it again, ill see if I can see anything in my findings.



Cant see a problem here


I would ask is that ment to be triggered by automation command, but I don’t know the setup so probably completely wrong tree…

Maybe need to TN() the tags in the constraint as a greater expression?


I assume its correct, it all works on my main till but I haven’t updated that in a while. That was from the box.

The till I’m working on is a fresh instal (apart from the printers) and this was the first database file I put on it. The only thing I can think of is the latest update has had some extra commands added which makes this not function as it should?

Im still not 100% savvy, I’m getting there… id say I was about 60% at the moment (not including reports and accounts!!!)

What constraints would you recommend?



I am just guessing as not being familiar with this setup, sometimes to correctly use expressions like greater or smaller values sometimes need to be forced to number to ensure that comparison is posable.

To do this you would wrap the ‘tag’ with the TN function like so [=TN('{TICKET TAG:Bar Tab Limit}')]


That seemed to have done the trick… thanks for that!

Now i seem to have stumbled across another issue, which I’m unsure if you’ll be able to know as you say its not your mod.

If I click close next to settle it closes off the transaction… I don’t really want that. Im guessing there has been a change to an automation command



What are you pressing to close other than that?

That is partly why I asked about it being triggered by automation command.

If I was doing what your doing I would have tried the rule as an order added event and added an extra constraint that TICKET TAG is not blank or null so on each order it checks of the tab limit tag is set and to check ticket total against the tab limit if it is and then rather than saying much be paid I would just say the tab limit has been reached.


That part is all working as it should now, so I’m not going to complicate my head any more. The issue I have now is Ricks Bar Tab system now shows me 2 close buttons. One for the bar tab to be put aside (save ticket) and the other is the close button by the settle button.

I know I can hide the close button at the bottom, and replace it with the one that Rick has made with this DB file. but the ticket state has to be “Bar Tab”.

So with Ricks “Close” button I add “Bar Tab” into the Enabled Status part of the mapping, but how would I make that work the other way? Is there a status that is just normal? so that the close button next to the settle button only shows during a normal status or only works if “Bar Tab” status isn’t active?

Thanks for the replies



I would have said you would be better to keep the default close button.

Change the tab close rule command name to close or whatever the command name is for default button.

BUT add a constraint to the commands now going from that button.
The default rule being whatever you use is not tab, from what you said is tab state.
And the tab close rule is if state does equal tab.

That make sense?


just giving it a go now… i think ill backup first :smiley:


Sorry i dont use the default close button as i dont need it but as @JTRTech suggested just constrain the default close button rule with { TICKET TAG } not equals bar tab or constrain it with it not matching the ticket stae of bar tab and that will prevent the default close button working when you have a bar tab ticket


I personally opt for consistency in the flow, Rick obviously have heavily customised flow but in having both rules triggered by the single close button but constrained by tag or state will mean that congee button will work for normal or tab tickets.

As I said I would opt for order added so they are unable to make ticket higher than limit but obviously everyone has their own preference.


If I was a little more apt in samba (which to be fair I should be by now) then I wholly agree. however I have now managed to get it all working as I should by doing the following:

Ricks Close Button only shows when status is Bar Tab by default, therefor I will not place it in the same area as the Samba Close button.

The Samba Close button I have mapped to only show when “Status=” and “New Orders” so the button is now replaced by Ricks when a bar tab is opened, which will then only allow staff to press the bar tab close button when it comes to it.

Only took me a couple of hours to work it out, but it may help others or rick if needs be. You guys probably would have worked it out in seconds… but this was a little learning curve for me :slight_smile:



Hello GreatShakesBar,

I have imported the bar tab setup too, I have a similar problem. The limit does not work.
I have changed the line to [=TN(’{TICKET TAG:Bar Tab Limit}’)] but still not working.

Is there anything else you changed ?

screen shot

I cannot edit the 2 top undefined actions , could this be the trouble - im very new to Samba POS


Can you show a screen shot of a bar tab ticket so we can see the ticket tag assigned to it



Not sure what to screen grab :slight_smile: , so ill thrown in a few

I am not sure what a tag is :frowning:


it works for me and the only difference i can see is the constraint in the following rule, change it just {TICKET TAG:Bar Tab Limit} and remove the formatting from around it as in my screen shot below