V5 - Bar Tab Setup


Hi, I have it changed back now, Only made that change today because another use said that resolved their issue with the limit.but its still not working , i can go over the limit

Its a very good feature, must have taken you ages to code, Im just too new to this to figure out whats gone wrong.
How do u change the currency symbol ?

change from £ to € ?


Enter design mode on the entity screen, so open your bar tab screen and press CTRL, Shift and D, you will see the red border around the screen to indicate youre in design mode

Click on the area where the tabs are listed so that the area has the hashed box around it so you know youve selected it

Right click and click on settings

in the format box just delete the £ sign and replace with the euro sign and click OK

Then Press CTRL Shift and D again to exit design mode (red border will disappear) and the screen should refresh with your changes. if not log out and back in and it will update



This software is great !!
Thank you :slight_smile:


glad I can help, i not into much of the advanced stuff that kendash, QMcKay and JTRTech do but ive done a few things and shared what ive done so im glad to be able to help where I can :slight_smile:


its very complex stuff, only discovered it a few weeks ago, Very impressive features. Its great people can contribute to it.

It will take me some time to get my head around it , ha ha :slight_smile:

Thank you for your tutorial, i can see a lot of work went into it.
your layout looks amazing too


im completely redesigning my layout for retail/fast bar, loads of customisation and i dont use menus in the way the were originally designed ill show you a few shots of what im working on

My custom made login screen

POS Screen (lots of work to do here its a very long work in progress

I dont use the settle screen, i had created buttons to handle all payments from the main POS screen but then decided to give more button space to products etc so i created my own settle screen with just the basic buttons I need, Again this is work in progress, im going to make them a bit smaller and add cashback on here

PIN protected manager menu, again no where near finished and lots to do

Cash up screen, more modifying to do here still dont quite like the layout, this was very time consuming to setup, thats why theres no tutorial for it ive just not had time


WOW @RickH that is freaky that it is still SambaPOS! How did you get rid of the standard Master Menu Column again?

LOL still looking at the image, also what are your thoughts on menu swapping or are you only going to have 1?


You are looking at a menu. He used menu items for those buttons.


I would love some info on the custom login screen… :slight_smile:


wow !

Cash up screen is savage ! , such a great idea - that s a lot of work !!
Your setup is different from the default setup, looks totally awesome !


Hello Rick,

UPDATE: I got that Bar Tab not working thing working. put back in the original constraint.

It was actually my close button on the POS screen , it was not Bar Tab - Close & Update.
so the rule never ran,

I had a settle and close button on my POS screen and I always used the close button to hold a tab and it seemed to work great until i noticed the tab limit was being ignored :slight_smile:
I removed the close button and replaced it with the Bar Tab - Close and update one

All perfect now

Once again, Great work on this, its such a cool feature , I totally love it


@pauln all my screens are menus and the buttons are all custom product buttons linked to automation commands. Each menu just has one category which is why there is category menu down the middle of the screen. Also i dont have anything mapped to ticket, this removes the column to the left of the ticket where any mapped auto commands would be

These two things make the pos screen larger so i can fit more buttons on my menu for faster processing

What im working on now is the portion side of it so for example the carling button you see is used for any portion; half, pint, can etc so i have those 3 products setup. When i press the carling button and ask question appears with the options half, pint or can, select an option and it adds that product to the ticket and reduces the inventory correctly. Its a lot of work to setup but once done itll be a whole menu of fast service products without the need to navigate through categories etc and can be easily used for retail setups to for any products that dont have barcodes to scan


@JTRTech when im back at my pc ill show you my login screen setup and hopefully you can help me with switch user. At the moment if a ticket is open another person can swipe their card and it will close the ticket and go back to custom login screen

What im struggling with is auto logging into ticket after its logs out and reopening ticket when the other user is logged back in


Phiff! Don’t even see that? Is that the “POS Button”? Also I like how you hooked into the “Main Menu” button and changed to Logout?

Sorry to pick your brains but love your pioneering…


the POS button just switches the menu to the menu that displays my main pos screen. Manager Menu is just another menu that when pressed switches the menu to display the custom product buttons assigned to it. The Settle button is another that switches menu to the settle menu which again is just full of custom product buttons. So any new “screen” that shows on the right hand side is just another menu

The bottom right main menu button shows as log out instead because i used kendash’s entities instead of users so i only have an admin user and a cashier user. The cashier user doesnt have access to the main menu so the button changes to log out instead as thats all they can do.

On my custom login screen the number that is entered/scanned/swiped is linked to an entity so when it is entered a ticket is created and that associated entity is added to the ticket


I really think entities is the way to go for employee tracking and reporting, it just offers near unlimited flexability.


Hi There! New to samba POS, based in NYC. Thanks for posting this @RickH , but wondering if you could point me in the direction of how to go about tweaking a few of these rules. Not a coding expert, so didn’t want to touch any of the scripts unless advised.

1- We would like to remove the “bar tab limit” to no limit, what is the easiest and best way to do that?

2- We are running on the dollar, how do we change this from the Pound to the US dollar?

THANKS in advance!!


UPDATE I managed to switch the symbol “£” and replace with “$” in everywhere but the “balance due”. (see screenshot). I don’t really care if it shows up like that, but I want to make sure it isn’t making a currency conversion or messing with the accounting in any way


See this post …

It isn’t doing conversion or messing anything up. It is just a symbol in the Ticket Lister Widget Template.

See this post …

You can probably delete the Mapping for that Rule so that the Rule is deactivated without changing anything within the Rule itself.


That was fast! Thank you so much, I think i did it…