V5 License Questions

well, i do understand with version 5 their is a need for license and currently am still working with v4
So, do we have any discussion with v4

V4 will not be able to do this it requires v5. V4 does not have the features needed. This forum is for v5 primarily.

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Ok, good morning people, how does samba5 license work? Can I buy license and install it with more than one business

Its one license per database so you’ll need one license for each venue, so 5 restaurants you will need 5 licenses one for each

You can only buy them through a reseller so you’ll need to look on the main samba website for resellers in your area and contact them to buy

If there’s no one in your area you’ll be able to contact someone on here who resells who can help you

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@powers I can sell you a license for $249 it is good for unlimited terminals and a single venue with unlimited updates as they are available. If you have more than one venue then each one needs a separate license. I offer license only for $249 or a fully configured POS terminal for $1600 which includes basic menu entry and Database configuration.

You may have a reseller in your area that offers additional services. I no longer do any custom configuration or remote support. The last person I helped burned me with a chargeback after I connected to his PC to configure his POS with an advanced customization.


There are always BAD people around.

A middleman/vendor/reseller whatever you call it, contacted me through the forum asking for paid help. After I solved his urgent problem with his client and improved a few things in his setups, he disappeared without paying. I think it is OK as it is not a technical invention I created or a patent that I hold. He appeared few weeks later giving a lot of family excuse and ask me for a more extensive paid help for his system, disappear again after I fixed his problem without pay. I would be less angry if the guy is just a restaurant owner being cheap but he is MAKING MONEY in selling the technical advise and service I provided to him - that really makes very upset.

I would and have questioned heavily anyone who has asked me questions or for support and implied or mentioned their ‘client’ or ‘customer’. If they havn’t been open about their situation from word go, genuine re-seller type people have generally contacted through the forum and know them from the forum in some way, or have purchased multiple licences from me. I think almost all the direct/cold contacts I have had, either for support or to resell licences have been someone who thinks they are a re-seller and have usually got the impression pretty quickly that they will be hassle. Might be overly pessimistic but an initial reference to ‘my system’ followed by a slip of tongue to say something like ‘they’ or ‘the client’ in my book shows that chances are they will be problematic. In initially avoiding saying they are reselling you know that they know they are overselling their selves, and have told a couple before now, when it became obvious they were not fluent in even basics of samba config and were just trying to make some quick money promising the customer anything then falling short, that they have oversold themselves and I will not ‘bail them out’ the shit because they jumped in to deep to quickly - come back when you have actually spent some time to pick up the basics.

This was one thing that was really good on the forum when I first started, it was less support on the same old questions every-time but a core group of regulars testing and pushing Samba to its limits. Sure questions got passed around when we got stuck and I for one couldn’t have done most of what I have without this forum - we all have to start somewhere - but it infuriates me how people just come expecting tutorials for stuff already on the forum without even searching or trying. I know Kendash, Q and Emre gave me allot of support when I was doing my PMS integration but know they could tell I was trying to learn and not just wanting to be told ABC how to do it. Plus it helped it was an interesting project which I guess caught their interest.


Sorry to be blunt, but take this as experience. NEVER provide any support on anyone’s system remotely without a deposit payment first. If that is not acceptable to them, you can pretty much assume you won’t have gotten paid afterwards. This has never caused me any problems and sets the stage for what your expectations are. If someone queries (only really happened once) I explain that the facts and why I have that policy in place.

Same goes if you did a complete setup (which you should have taken a deposit for first), if you are installing your completed setup remotely, never do so without full payment first. You can show plenty of proof you did the work - screenshots, videos, connect to your system to see it worjing, etc. Again I’ve never had any issues enforcing this except one time which comes to mind where I just held my ground and client knew he had no choice but pay.

All this is also in my terms & conditions they accept before starting.

You learn these things from experiences like this. In business, I make sure everything is in place to stop bad situations happen and so I wil also never have time wasted on chasing payments, etc, which can really drain resources in a small business.


Hi i have a valid V5 pro license with unlimited terminals, i have installed in my server but im trying to install one terminal (barra), i have downloaded the last version, make the installation and try to activate the license in the terminal but always told my installed in trial mode…any help with this.


You are hooked to the internet right? Firewall not blocking it? Is your license assigned to your account? You are logged into your account inside SambaPOS?

Hi Kendash thanks for your fast response;

yes im hooked
firewall not blocking
yes i see my license in my account
im log into the samba market…its this correct?

Thanks again

Samba Market is no more. They use cp.sambapos.com now. All licenses are handled through resellers.

Yes im go and log there and see my license, so in the software how can do to log in?

Show a screenshot of your market screen in sambapos.

Is it connected to the same database as other terminals?

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  1. Log out from Samba Market in SambaPOS (click on your email in top right, it will go to “Login” once you logged out).
  2. Close SambaPOS
  3. Go to cp.sambapos.com and login, then on the left side click “Clear Key” and confirm.
  4. Launch SambaPOS again, go to Samba Market screen, click “Login” in top right and login with your account details. Activate button should now be available, click it and it should be activated.

You can also read more here: https://kb.sambapos.com/en/5-5-8-a-how-to-activate-license-unregistered-trial/

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What I was getting at before is it’s unlimited terminals on a single database. If second machine is not connected to a shared SQL database it is in theory a separate setup and would require a separate licence. Ensure you connection string is set correctly and all machines are one same database. Easy check is to start a test ticket and open/update on each terminal and check updates are reflected on all machines.

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Hi JTR here i send you an image of my connection string…

both computers are in the same network and same workgroup, how can i check if that its correct?

Are all the connection stings the same? Same instance (data source) and same database? You can easily run multiple databases from same machine or even but less likely multiple instances. Is you typed a different DB samba would just create it and perhaps you retored backup or whatever.

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