V5 - Miscellaneous Item/Custom Item with price and description options


looks like i need to create some new actions too, as there is no “misc item - description” action


That was agiven…
Youll need an update order action to change the price and another one to add a free tag to the order.

If you want it to automaatically cancel youll need an execute automation command action another rule and a cancel order action aswell.


That is the problem. The TXT file is not a Database TASK. It is a DB Tools IMPORT file…

So download and unzip the file, anywhere really, except the databasetasks folder. In fact, delete the TXT file from the databasetasks folder; it does not belong there.

Then use DB Tools Import function to import the TXT file:


Top man!!!

Thank you @QMcKay


I have performed the ditto steps. even i have downloaded the fresh setup and created new default database as well But nothing happens when i click on Misc Item Button.

Please help…!
I have not done any thing apart from written in steps.
Installed fresh SambaPOS and then Step 1 to 5.


Ive just tested this on a clean database and it works fine, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Delete any old rules you have previous installed from the database tools file youve used
  2. Install this database file
    Misc Item with Description.zip (1.3 KB)
    cf0fb14a26e99fa6d9850f4fed2f8cf842.png" width=“378” height=“203”>
  3. Create product exactly as below

Database Tools File Updated 23:13 - It will now reset the number pad value, previously whatever priced you typed remained on in the number pad field on screen until you clicked the red cross to remove it


This is the result:

Press the Misc Item Button WITHOUT entering the price first

Enter the Price, then press the MIsc Item Button


it is posible to make a custom report for misc items name tags, that shows
so it can be controlled at the end of the work period