V5 - Miscellaneous Item/Custom Item with price and description options

This database tool file will add the setup for a misc/custom item.

Misc Item.zip (960 Bytes)

  1. Install Database Tools File

  2. Create a product called Misc Item (important that this is spelt exactly, including capital letters)

  3. Add the Misc Item product you just created to your menu categories

  4. log out of samba and back in to update menu change

  5. Select Misc Item from your menu category

  6. Enter Price and description in the keyboard that appears and press enter

  7. Misc Item price is updated

  8. Misc item description is updated as an order tag


How to handle format price just numeric, and how to handle cancel, so when user click cancel will cancel order

Use a custom keypad on your prompt to show just a numberpad.

At a guess you could add a second rule to on order added to check if price = 0 and cancel however this may disrupt other flows depending on your setup.
I would maybe look at having an execute automation command action after the update price action with prompt and set it to be backgroud (ie it waits for all other events to finnish - the prompt in this case) then use that to trigger the seccond rule which checks the price and cancels if 0 so that it only happens on items which have had the price set in this way.

for input price from 1000 to 999.999 i use this format :
[?Enter New Price;100[1-9]|[1-9]\d\d\d|[1-9]\d\d\d\d|[1-9]\d\d\d\d\d;;ON]

how get command value Cancel for trigger cancel order, or constratint Product price = 0 to cancel it

I dont think you can tap into a prompt cancel in that way.

Forget the execute automation command method, I can see what your doing now.

Make another order added rule constrained to the same menu item names.
Make sure its after that rule you screenshot.
Add an extra constraint for price = 0 and put a cancel order action in it, so it cancels any order of that product if the price = 0


i followed through @RickH tutorial but no window is displaying to enter price or description?

Obviously missed something or did something wrong then :stuck_out_tongue:

How are we meant to offer advice on that question? Show some rules or what you have done…

OK here we go.

First i downloaded the zip file, unzipped it, moved it over to documents/sambapos5/databasetasks

Then i checked to see if the misc item task is visible in database tasks.

i then added a misc item, made sure that it is spelt correctly “Misc Item”

i can now see the misc button on my menu, but when i click on it the pop up to add price and description does not appear

And the rules? Going to be an order added rule I expect.

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do i need to add the rule @Johan_yo has added a screenshot of ?

Dont know whats in Rich’s zip.
Would have thought it would include the rule…
Or have you just added a misc product and thats it?

@RickH folder only contains the database task txt file, and that is all.

all i have done is add that txt file to database tasks folder, and also creat a misc file.

followed exactly what is said in the instructions.

Which has ability to make rules and actions…

Yes but you have to run the task!!!

Just check in your rules and see if there is a order added rule relating to misc item…

yes i clicked execute task, but nothing seems to happen.

Theres not much to this setup anyway.
Just create an order added rule like the one in the screenshopt but constrained to your misc product…

i see a “order adding rule” but not misc

Its probably the default one in stcok setup but cant tell from what you say…

Yep, thats default rule.
As said, just create new order added rule similar to;

ok will give that a go now.