V5 Mobile Client Cancel order

Hi , I just successfully connected andriod tab to my system using Mobile client. when i am taking orders in Tab , not able to cancel it. Please advice

You can cancel by holding your finger on order for few seconds.

when i hold , it shows the portion options (Normal, Big, etc). no more cancel, void, +, - etc

You cannot cancel an order of closed ticket. There is no void option. The app is very basic only take orders.

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You can cancel orders on non submitted tickets. If it was void your looking for we’ll that’s different and not what you asked. Void is not available.

I can understand the mobile client only supports basic functions. My issue is when i am taking order, if i want to cancel, when i press the order for sometime , it shows the TAB options like Copy Text, Search etc) which is not relevant to samba

You don’t hold for long, just a second.
Will show like this;

It only works for NEW orders though…

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It works on second page. when i take orders, i need to navigate to another screen to confirm the order before i close. understand the first screen is for confirm the product portions and the second one for confirm the order. Thanks

how do they sell manage variants? example those with more choices by pressing the same button several times as it is displayed? someone can make a video of the various screens.

Totally confused with what you asked. What do you mean variants? Just download the app from the playstore and try it. It has a free trial built in. Just login with 1234

I’m sorry for my english.
in the demo version there is not what interests me.
I would like to know how the product variants are handled, for example: pizza plus oil, no mushrooms, a little tomato.
in the server version you press the button several times to make the choice, in the mobile version how is it managed?

Order tags work by clicking on the order and selecting the tags. What button are you talking about? I don’t understand. Can you show screenshots.

example: these group order tags how are they managed?

Ok so when you said varients and single button you really mean to say “Order Tags with a Group Name”

I dont know let me look but i have feeling it will ignore group tag.

OK it is exactly like I thought it ignores the group feature. Condiments has a group name of Condiments 1

PS you do not have to define a group name… Why are you using the group feature for something like pizza toppings? That seems clumsy to me.

for the pizzas there are 50 different variations, divided into 4 groups, plus, without, little, only, for a total of 200 variations. It would be unthinkable to scroll through 200 variations and with suffixes one works badly and is less immediate. I can not see anything awkward.

So you have to click the button over and over? That seems slow.

no, you click the maximum button 4 times, but mostly 1 or 2 clicks.
this is a screen of the variants, I press on each product and based on the clicks is added the suffix plus, without, little, only with price connected.

We have got to get our terms correct. There is nothing called variant in Sambapos. When you say suffix do you mean the actual suffix defined in order tags with suffix.tag format or are you calling something else a suffix?

In sambapos we use order tags, prefixes, suffixes, group name etc. Your going to confuse us and may not get good answers. Please refer to the feature your talking about with its actual name in Sambapos.

We also have menu categories, menu products, and submenu items.