v5 new feautures and sql compact

v5 and all the new features are compatible with sql compact?
I’m trying to use the custom report but I can not see the sold divided by days, it always fails.
Many of the features seen in recent days as the notice of the amount of warehouse stocks in the sales of the changes are to do with the roles?
Thank you

I do not know if CE is still supported in v5.

Care to elaborate? Show the Report Template, the failure message/error, and the incorrect results next to expected results.

I can’t understand this question at all.

to have stocks of warehouse stocks, on the screen of sale you have to work with roles and actions?

Do you mean Rules (not Roles)?

Are you talking about this?

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Exactly! But I would have availability on the screen sales.
I saw it in some screens on the forum

Create an Automation Command button for Warehouse, or Inventory, or whatever. Map the button to Ticket Row 2.

Create an Action for Navigate Module with Module Name = Warehouses

Create a Rule to handle the Automation Command

That is all.

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It may work with sql compact but we’re not recommending it anymore. Instead you can consider using SQL Server Local DB. This lightweight and single user SQL server version released to replace SQL Compact and easily upgradable to upper editions when needed.

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what I would do is this

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