V5 - Retail Setup Screen Shots

This isnt a tutorial, more of a quick show of what can be done using multiple menus, custom keyboards, custom products. I dont use Categories at all and I dont have any automation commands mapped to ticket or order line or under ticket etc. All my automation commands are custom products buttons on different menus, using the switch menu action to display the relevant screen when needed

This is a nice simple retail setup, i am going to replicate this with additional features as a bar setup with multiple quick product buttons on the main POS screen (the white category buttons shown in this example)

POS Screen
The screen displayed after logging in

Order Menu
Add an order to the ticket, then select it and a new menu appears with order line functions

Unselect the order or press the back button to return to main POS menu

Manager Menu
Ive put options behind this menu that will require admin PIN to access as examples, this isnt finished

Suspend Sale
Press suspend sale, add customer details and ticket closes ready for next transaction

Recall Sale
Press to open a list of suspended sales, click the ticket you want to open and amend or settle. On this screen if you dont want to open a ticket press the POS button to go back to main screen

Click Ticket to open
You can see the customer details stored as ticket tags, and the suspended sale and recall sale buttons have changed to be update name and close & update

Staff/Customer Discount
Discount levels and activation set using staff and customer entity, press discount button, press either staff or customer discount button swipe/enter staff or customer number. this will load that entity, when entity is loaded the discount will activate on ticket based on an entity updated rule that will a check entity fields for discount % and eligability and apply (or not) to the ticket

Press Discount - Opens ticket based discount options

Select discount type (in this case staff discount)
Swipe staff card or enter staff number

Discount added to ticket of 10%

If customer/staff not eligible for discount a message appears

This is just a quick look at what im doing, still lots of tweaks to do :slight_smile:


are you willing to share this setup with the samba pos community?

Yea definitely, just havent had time yet. As soon as i can ill start a tutorial :slight_smile:


great! is there any chance you could send over the setup for now and i could mess around with it?

Sharing databases is no longer a done thing party due to licences and other reasons.
Configeration tasks will take place of sharing databases but the process is a little more involved in generating them.

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This kind of customization will only really be doable via tutorial since likely it will be completely custom no two people will want it the same. Configuration tasks can do it but it would not be a good solution since you can’t account for all possible customizations a person might want.

A tutorial will be your best choice once he has time to do one. But why wait start experimenting now :wink:

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Hai Rick,

How to search product at retail setting for your setting retail?
Are make it execute button to do searching?
I see your screenshoot before it, there is a seaching button

An empty category brings up the keyboard for product search.

If there is wrong barcode because, i have plan to input product 100.000 item for retail. Can we search by product name?

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Scanning a barcode with no product will just do nothing.
You could maybe put together a script which also checks incoming numberpad values to do something if invalid barcode i suess but will be a lengthy loop for 100000 product, not sure if it would impact performance.

Rick probably had a button which changed to an empty menu or something, if no menu items in a category you get the keyboard to search products.

How to search with a keyboard?

You press the keys on the keyboard…


Yes i input with keyboard but product not display, how to make auto display product like that. Must i make new menu or what so i do

its built in feature. Can you show a screenshot of what your menu looks like?

PS: Do not use caps just use all lower case when typing it in.

Now it succes but for product register at menu category list. If product not register to menu category, cannot search it

You wont be able to see a product if its not in the menu…Menu will only show products you have added to it.

So how we can search product for all without menu. Because when i use barcode, i not display again at menu. Problem happen when we wrong input barcode to product. But customer want to buy. How to search it. This for retail?

This is important… this means you can not see a product not in your menu… If you setup barcodes it lets you add product not in your menu but you will not be able to see it in the menu because its not there.

Bottom line is if you want to search products in a menu then you MUST add them to the menu.

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Simple solution to this, never, ever manually type the barcode in. Instead when you setup a product and you want to enter the barcode, select the barcode field and actually scan the barcode from the product and then save

That way you can never ever type the barcode wrong as you have scanned it directly from the product to set it up (and its a bit quicker to do that anyway)

Your issue has now gone away :grinning:

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Is it retail setup is still use real.
Can i know how many product retail item is support for best perfomance sambapos?
What happen if product item such as 100.000 item. It will make sambapos slow r lag?
Can we make sambapos like 7 eleven mart?