Can categorys be moved to the top or are they locked to the side?

Categories always appear just left of my products and sub categories appear at the top of my products. Is it possible to move categories to top ?

Place categories above the sub categories, this would give me more room below for products and make product pictures look nicer :slight_smile:

Also is there a way to put product names on 2 lines? I tried \r but it did not work for me.

Catergories are hard coded to the left, you could however do what i do and use multiple menus with custom products as automation commands

Then you would have category buttons at the top that when pressed opened another menu with that “categories” products

Its a bit of work to setup but will look good

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Yes you should be able to do product name on two lines try < linebreak/ > instead

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Looks like your putting the \r in product name, you need to use in the header column not product name.

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Thank you, That is so cool --> It worked :smile:

What is the difference between the 3

  • Product - Name - header ?

Some things have changed over time with different Versions.

  • Product is the actual Product Name. This cannot be changed, but you may notice if you change Name, then the Product field will change too.

  • Name was a method of changing the way the Menu Button displayed for the Product, before Header was even available

  • Header is the “new” method of changing the way the Menu Button displays for the Product and was added in a later version. It supports certain other syntax like <color>, <size> and <img> tags, which Name does not support.

For most purposes these days, you should only be changing the Header field and leave the other 2 fields as-is, untouched.


You cant move the categories to the top but by using menu switching and custom auto commands you could have them at the bottom as i have done

First screen is a kind of fast service screen of the most popular items

Press bar menu switches menu with categories at the bottom, set to open Draught first

Press any of the category buttons to select (they all look the same at the moment as ive just copied the same one and renamed it into the different menu ready to add products to)

not sure if youll be able to use your sub categories the same its not something i need so havent tried it


Is this then a menu per button?

Yep :grinning: … 20 character limit

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A menu per button, that is exactly what I need - awesome !:grinning:

Do you have a post on this space of how you implemented this most excellent innovation ?

He made his number pad from custom keyboard triggering automation command rules for change menu.
It wouldn’t be a setup for the faint hearted :wink:

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Have a read of these

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