V5 - Retail Setup Screen Shots

?prompt is pretty easy solution.

If you look back Rick did some work on a custom menu item button keyboard which might have been used with that going to another menu with the custom menu item keyboard.

Yep that wrorks amazing :slight_smile:

Hi RickH,

Can i have setup step like this screen for my shop please

Yep, search the forum for my retail setup tutorials they explain how to do it

Its a complete customisation using multiple menus and custom product buttons acting as automation commands. Its not a built in setup you will need to completely build it from scratch

cand you please share with me your database,

Its no where near ready or complete, what do you want to do i might be able to help you set it up

Database sharing is not encouraged, it can potentially cause licence issues and always results in more questions than would have been in the first place where you then have a system you have little idea how it works and how to update.
Ricks custom menu system required allot of custom automation for every button.

The configuration you show is perfect for my needs you did a great job, alongside the bulk product importer, i want to use it in a organic retail store is there any way to share your configuration with me ? you’ll be very helpful. Thank You in advance

Same thing like this I was asking before that if do you want to search a product from the list so how you doin it?
As you saw on top of this tutorial in pics that it doesn’t have any products selected in the categories because all categories are custom made and you can’t search an item until you select the products in the categories, let we say if there is a item you can’t scan and you have to pull up by name so how you gonna do it?

I have a question for @emre
Why you must select products in the categories, why we can’t connect the category button to the whole product list and it won’t show the entire product on retail screen.
As you know when we are searching any product from the keyboard it will show the product from any category either it’s in the drinks, food or any other category. So my point is when we are pulling a product by entering its name that product is not bond by the categories it will show who ever category would have it, so why we are bond to select the products in the categories to get products via keyboard.

Because sambapos is not a retail oriented software?
The search function comes up when no products are in a category and it see he’s all products.
Your post seems to contradict itself in the summary.

Hi, have been just going through this setup, how can I set this up, is there a tutorial, I will appreciate quick reply

There is not a tutorial this setup is a VERY tedius and time consuming setup to do. I doubt we see a tutorial on this to be honest. It is extremely custom and has weeks and days worth of configuration tweaks.

What exactly do you want to setup theres lots of things in those screenshots

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Thanks, am just interested to learn how its set up time is not an issue, really sambapos is the best i have ever come accross

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Those tutorials should pretty much cover it i think

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