V5 support for multi outlet?


May I know the V5 is support for multiple outlet say is small chain less than 10 outlets.

With current system you would have database per location.
People have attempted central but bandwidth restrictions lead to painfull experience.
There has been talks of a future development of feature to support multi site/chains in some way however expect this is a far future expansion.

Perhaps if you offered more detail in the type/level of connection between sites alternatives in the mean time might be suggested.

Usual solutions currently used are remote login for report/programming, emailing reports/files, shared folder reports etc but again depends on what your looking to do.

Hi JTRTech,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I am agreed with database per location. This basically will not too depend on the connectivity for internet. Our environment actually was have a centralized module able to push down to outlet level for the configuration, and outlet will push up the sales transaction that HQ able to view the reports. Mostly our outlet setup almost the same, maybe some outlet will sell slightly less items. For current v4 & v5, we might need to push down the configuration one by one, or perhaps you have better idea.

For programming/updates configuration tasks will speed things up.
However push/pull sales between samba installs will be troublesome without built in method due to table index clashes for a start.
You can configure automated report emailing or export to something like drop box but you would probably not have much luck with a central all in one database/merge.
You could in theory setup automated backup which could be restored onto server at HO, multiple databases on same SQL with automated switch database command to view individual sites sales data within a samba interface.
Or stick with tried and tested method of reports to HO which are processed into separate reporting/accounts system.
The level of detail depending on how you configure it.
If you start talking stock levels restoring backups probably simplest solution as allot of info to report/process but either way.
Our hotel HO only requires summarized revenue figures and occupancy stats etc. Stock and small stuff handled locally.

As I said depends on what your looking to do.

Hi JTRTech,

Good idea for sharing this thought to me. I believed i get your points.
mine environment will be more onto f&b chain outlets. Anyway, thanks again.

Will you manage stock centrally?
Do you need itemized reports?

we using other inventory system for manage stocks. Itemized reports is needed.

You can still send item sales report… you would need to either import these reports dependent on location OR ensure all sites have exact same product list.

i see. off topic a little bit, for loyalty point earning & redemption. Could it work in this way? I mean to apply for my chain outlet?

Depending on what type of system there should be ways… depends on how you would want it to work.

Configuration tasks allow you to store them in a single repository and all of your outlets would be hooked to that single site. Meaning if you update the task then ALL of your outlets get the update. All they would need to do is run the task. You can even automate the executing of Configuration Tasks…

This means you can build a single configuration from a machine at the main office… upload it to your repository and every one of your sites would get that update because they are all hooked to the single repository.

You could even create specific repository for specific sites…

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@Jesse, unless im mistaken there is no products/menus option in configurations tasks, else I would have tried that for my clone menus idea…
Please correct me if im wrong I may well have missed it.

You can automate the creation and sending of reports to your main office. Right now it does not support true multi site inventory management etc but you can track each sites performance by having them automate reports to the main office.

Didnt you make a complex SQL solution?

I did, but the reason I asked was to point out that products and menu would not be included in that method.
Plus to confirm that I hadn’t missed it.
Plus I would always prefer a ‘safer’ emre coded solution over my own novice SQL :slightly_smiling:

Anything can be included in Configuration tasks… YAML, JSCRIPT, SQL, Validations, and Initialization.

Also Emre would gladly add to it if we come up with further needs.

PS: notice in that screenshot how its using Parameters inside that SQL?

Yes but not sure how that translates into export/import/transfer on menu and products…

I am saying your awesome SQL you made could be used in a configuration task and you would gain the ability to use parameters which means you could simplify it and use initialization to gather the parameters.

You can also use validation to ensure results are desired. Something that pure SQL cant do as easily.

Sorry @bryantlaw its kind of off topic but not really maybe you can learn something about Configuration tasks. I think they would work great for what your wanting to do.

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