V5 support for multi outlet?

I will show a more clear example… its little more basic:

Set up parameters:

Use these parameters in various steps;

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Notice that is a step that creates a REPORT. Notice the Name of report is parameter so is actual data inside the report…

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Understood, but to the previous point, since there is no menu/product creation option it would all be script and SQL.
If you want to transfer data in that way how would you achive that?
You couldnt justify writing whole config task to update menu you would need an export task and an import task but how would you export/import a large set of variables which are NOT user input prompts?

Export and Import of what? It would execute the SQL on that database… You build a menu and then script it into SQL and you can use that SQL however you want in the config task.

its obvious I need to start with basics and we can work up to this. Lets rest for now and when I get time I will start explaining config tasks from basic steps onward.

PS You dont have to use input prompts with configuration Tasks… that was just one example. You can hardcode parameters and use SQL to even retreieve data to use as a parameter. In fact one of the screenshots showed just that… Notice for Payment Types it was retreiving all payment types and then matching them to the input but you wouldnt have to use input…

A menu…
If you wanted to update/transfer a whole menu from one database to another without back/restore to retain configuration and sales data.

Ok, getting somewhere, how would you ‘script a menu’
My clone category script took one table and edited few buts and inserted it back into the table as new rows (clone)
This process wouldnt work without being connected to both databases so the table would need to be exported in some way and held in parameters in some way, unless im missing something obvious…

Yes but its checking data on the input database, not reading data from the original where task was created.

What im asking is how would you build a script/list of variables from one database into config task to then be input to another. Only way I can imagine is via external file via some form of array.

You script it… let me show you…

Look at this.

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Basically you take the contents of that script and that becomes your SQL for the task.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling: that answered the question…
Wish I had seen that before writing that script by hand.

Writing by hand is good practice but MSSMS has lots of tools to automate that stuff.

BTW I wrote that over a year ago so it might need a few updates.

You guy awesome!:slightly_smiling:

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Hmmm. just tested a theory…
As I thought reports are based on Item Id
This will play havoc with reports if not careful;

Blank space is 1st test product, (test name, test group 10 price) one that says test is after delecting first one and adding same back with different price…
Thats group sales…
Item sales seems to go by name luckily (for me anyway as that would be my main concern;

This will presumably be because there is no item id to lookup the group code…


If you want to see some sample Configuration Tasks I have worked on to get idea of how they work you can use my repository by doing this:


List of my config tasks:

Here is link to my GitHub repository might give idea how to setup your own repository.


Basically when your done with your configuration task you use Database Tools to export it and then copy and paste the text from the file into the repository.

You may notice Version: 98 etc… what that does is it checks Database Version if the database is not that version or later it wont even list the task. This prevents you from running config tasks on machines that are on a version of SambaPOS that may not support features in that task.

Final word then ill rest. Config tasks require you to study them and it will take some time to learn how they work but they are VERY powerful for doing multi site configs or simply sharing configurations with other people. Also we have an action Execute Configuration Task…

thanks @Jesse for your lesson. appreciate it.

Just while it’s on my mind before I forget I must look into this as thinking about it it depends where report tag pulls info from. There is obviously allot of data stored in the orders table and can’t remember off top of my head if group code is one of the things and have shut off PC for the night.
If group code was in orders table I’m not sure why that would return a blank value…
If it is because it’s looking back to item table for group code I have an idea for a solution based on recent experience setting up the PMS system itself (while its in my mind I just want to write it down - nothing ever gets deleted it gets disabled ensuring no references to old data ever get broken)
Anyway I will have a look at bats base tomorrow and check why this happens and put toget a better explanation.
Just wanted to get the though written down before I loose train of though being fairly tired.
@Jesse can you do me a favour and like this post so it’s a fresh notification and I don’t forget to follow up on it tomorrow.