VAT & SD charge on Total Amount but sd inclusive and vat exclusive

Hello everybody,
Our Government newly charge 10% SD (supplementary duty). So now we have to charge VAT + SD (15% + 10%) on total amount. But the peoples are not used to give SD. So we decided to pay the SD from our end. So the SD will be price included and the VAT will be the price excluded. Now how can I implement thatin my POS system. Now in our system the product price is VAT excluded.

So how can we solve this? Anybody can help me please?

You need to setup tax templates - in your case, you need 2: one for 15% VAT and another for 10% SD. You then map products to each template depending on whether products should be taxed or not (e.g. you may have some products that you charge VAT but not SD). If you charge on all products, just set the mappings to *.

Here is a guide how to setup tax templates:

Remember you also need to update your receipt printer template to show tax on your receipt.

So in your country, do you quote the price before VAT & SD then show the tax amount and total, or is the VAT & SD included in the price? If included in the price, you should have your products saved as “Tax Included”. But if you will show the VAT & SD after and product prices exclude these taxes, make sure your Ticket Type is set with “Tax Included” unchecked.

But surely the people in your country should know about the introduction of SD by the government? It’s pretty generous to essentially take a 10% cut on your profits for the sake of the customer not knowing something their government has decided! :wink:

I followed your solution but could not success.

Now I am not sure what should I do in my ticket template. Because now the VAT and SD are charged exclusively where I want SD is price included and the VAT is price excluded but both should be shown.

This my ticket template pic…

Please give me a solution.

Till now I could not solve my problem, anybody can help me please?

I could do this. 08

But I want to charge SD in price inclusively and VAT exclusively.
Now what should I do?
Anybody can give me a solution?

Please tell me if it is possible or not what I required.

Sure it is just confused what your needing, you was SD including VAT?

I want to show that SD is included to price but VAT will be charged on the price. e.g

Total ---------------------------------------------- 300.00
SD (price included)—27.27
VAT -----------------------45

Gross : ---------------------------------------- 345.00

Is it on all products?
Do you need to have full accounting transactions for SD tax?
You could just show it visually with a calculation rather than as a tax on printed template.

So setup SD as a Tax and in your Ticket Type settings set it to be included

Then setup a Calculation and Calculation Selector for VAT. Does VAT include the SD for calculation of VAT?


Finally to make it auto apply calculation as a tax create a calculation selector and leave the button header section empty. Fill in the rest of it of course including Calculation Type.



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Sorry Kendash. It is too late. I coudn’t implement as your solution. But I tried this more time.
Now I giving you my current settings screen shot. You may find out my fault.

Would you mind to check these, please? (Here I attached all the screen shot in a queue)

Now my out put is this…Image (13)

Hello any body can help me?

Yes! I have done this. All are OK. The problem was in the above payment receipt is that the item was not in SD chargable category. So in this receipt SD was not shown. But now I can not write “VAT 15%” Correctly. Because if I write in the Calculation Selector “VAT 15%”, it shows “VAT 15% 15”. See the highlighted portion in this image.

Please help if anybody can. Specially thanks to @Jesse

I can’t make much sense of what you mean.

I do this by following your solution you given me. So…

I don’t understand. You said too late then did your own. Show your printer template maybe we can find your mistake.

I would guess you have set VAT 15% as the name and the template also has {RATE} or whatever the tag is for rate.
You would either need to leave VAT as the name rather than VAT15% and make the template {NAME} {RATE}% (tags are wrong but you get the idea.
Or have VAT 15% as the name and take {RATE} off the template.

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I didn’t set VAT as a tax. Because if I set both VAT & SD as tax, I could not set ticket template with both option tax included and tax excluded. So I give SD as a tax and set SD tax template. And VAT is selected in calculation type and calculation selector. In calculation selector rate is shown automatically. You will clear if you see all the screen shot in the previous post.

Here I post the tax template:

-- General layout
<C00> House#1/A, Road#23 
<COO>Dhaka - 1212
<J00>Vat Reg:18131072665
<T>Guest Bill
<J00>Number of guests:{TICKET TAG:Guest Count}
<J00>Date:{TICKET DATE}|Time:{TIME}
<L00>Ticket No:{TICKET NO}
<J00>Qty Item Name |Price| P.Total
<J00>Total:|{PLAIN TOTAL}
<J00>Total Payment:|{PAYMENT TOTAL}
<J01>Gross:|{TICKET TOTAL}

<J00>Powered by

-- Nothing will print for void lines
-- Format for gifted orders
-- Default format for orders
-- Format for order tags
-- Table entity format
<L00>Table: {ENTITY NAME}
-- Customer entity format
<J00>Customer: {ENTITY NAME} | {ENTITY DATA:Phone}
-- Customer entity format
<J00>Waiter:{ENTITY NAME}
-- Customer entity format
<J00>Guest Of:{ENTITY NAME}

When you post templates please highlight them and press the </> button to format it so we can read it… I have edited yours for you this time.

So look at that line there in your template. I am guessing you named the Calculation Vat 15% and the amount you put in for the calculation was 15. So remove Calculation Amount and it will show correctly.

So try this line instead:


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