View ticket ID in tickets section

Is there anyway we can view ticket ID in ticket section either next or or instead of ticket number? As a client wants to track them using ticket ID instead, and so I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it work. Any help is appreciated

I think you mean ticket explorer screen.

I added Ticket ID column and searching by ticket id for next 5.1.61 update.

However it will be invisible by default. Use Column Chooser to add it and immediately restart SambaPOS to save it.


Thanks emre. That’s much appreciated

Hi @emre I have tried restarting it multiple times it wont save it. How can I save it please help

I had same issue but you can try and create your own entity screen with ticket and entity widgets for that.

Depending how new you are to SambaPOS it might be a bit intimidating but you will learn one of the most customizable and powerful part of SambaPOS.

Custom Ticket/Entity screens are widely covered on this forum.

Unfortunately emre is no longer with us and will be missed greatly.

Thank you for your reply. All I need is to add another column in the tickets screen but it wont save the extra column. If I close sambapos and restart the extra column goes away.

Same with me. After restarting the column still goes away.