VIP & Happy Hour (or timed special) Discounts without Triggers

How do I add 4 “HH Store HH Day and Time” values? Does it have somethign to do with the Mapping? I don’t understand this part

Hi Guys, not sure if I am doing this correctly but this thread has been extremely helpful but I have one question

II use portion pricing for several bar items (Shot, Mix, quart, Bottle) but as i only have one HH Tag how can I have different HH prices for the various portions.

Do i need to add each portion as a separate product or can this HH pricing work for portions

If your using a alternate price list happy hour method price lists have price per portion not product.

Thanks for the speedy response but how do I do alternate price lists. I used the method for the VIP1,2,3 & HH which sets the prices through the Tags but how do i then use the price definitions and price list editor to define the happy hours prices for various portions?

It’s a different method, Q’s vip method is more complex and not used, my happy hour setups have always been more simple using price definitions and seccond price list.

Take a look at this Topic …

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hello everyone, i imported the full zip file, the VIP part works perfect but the HH is not. i already set the time as show the tutorial but nothing happens any help?

Hi… i followed this tutorial exactly
The HH is working great, but the VIP function is not working.
Im using Samba 4.1.82

Did I miss something?


Something it working as it’s says VIP is inactive so you’ll need to show us all the rules and actions so we can see what’s wrong

Also you really need to upgrade to V5 as V4 is no longer supported and you won’t get any bug fixes

Here is my actions and rules



Constraint: ‘[=FD(’{ORDER DATE}’,‘ddd’)]’ !=’{SETTING:HHstartDay}’ || [=TN(FD(’{ORDER TIME}’,‘HHmm’))]<[=TN(’{SETTING:HHstartTime}’)] || [=TN(FD(’{ORDER TIME}’,‘HHmm’))]>[=TN(’{SETTING:HHendTime}’)] || {ORDER TAG:HH Discount}<1

Constraint: ‘[=FD(’{ORDER DATE}’,‘ddd’)]’==’{SETTING:HHstartDay}’ && [=TN(FD(’{ORDER TIME}’,‘HHmm’))]>[=TN(’{SETTING:HHstartTime}’)] && [=TN(FD(’{ORDER TIME}’,‘HHmm’))]<[=TN(’{SETTING:HHendTime}’)]

sorry for messy pic… pls advice


Sorry but v4 is no longer supported you should upgrade to v5. We can’t be sure this will work with v4. This tutorial is for v5

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The funny thing is when im start from sctrach and import file from above, The VIP thing is work great but HH is not working

My opinion is, the tutorial can be use on v4 cuz when im search tutorial for HH & VIP for v4 the link is direct to here…

Btw thanks for your concern Mr Jesse

Ok then I guess we have no issues then? If it works with v4 you should be good to go I think.

It will be hard to find help on v4 as we have all moved on to v5 years ago and do not have it currently handy to compare. If you follow tutorial and your sure it will work on v4 then it should work. My advice is double check everything. Check spelling and case sensitivity.

Is there a way to format the constraint to select a specific day
for example
I want to offer a special price on Mothers Day, can I set it the constraint to be on 5/8/2022?

Yes, you can do something like this

{DATE:yyyyMMdd} EQUALS 20220805

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I tried this, but it does not seem to work.

It sure does, I use it all the time. Can you show what you have tried?

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I made a mistake in the date format. It is working correctly. Thank you very much for this.