Waiter salory on %age solution

Hi All,

I have used too much help from this forum to use samba 4. i am using v4 in my restaurant and its very good.

In my restaurant waiters works on commission basis (i have defined a %age for all waiters as commission on every order). due to this i want a solution that whenever i select the table it also ask me to select waiter too and waiter should print on receipt. and at the end of day when i take report it gives me report of every waiter separately of total day ordered he took.

We use V4 as well, every waitron have their own login password. and on my receipt the waitron name is shown. tag; and at the end of the day, when i print my work period report, it shows User Sales with each waitrons name that was on duty, with the amount of sales they made next to their name…

If I’m wrong, please correct me.


your answer is100% right as you understud the question. but my question is different.
my question is.
as i select the table for new order, suddenly one new window appear to select waiter too. very simple question
it resolves my problem by at the end of the day i received item sale receipt by waiters.

at my restaurant every waiter working on commission basis with 3% of sale. by collecting receipt total sale of each waiter i can calculate the total commission of every waiter. i hope you understand this time.

one more thing i sit myself on sale counter. no other can use this .

Create a new Entity Type

Add some waiters.

Create an entity screen.

Map it to ticket like that so this screen will appear when you need to select a waiter.

Edit ticket type and map Waiter entity type.

It will display waiter list when you click on a table.

Finally create custom reports for your needs.

thanks bro . i am very near to my solution . everything is working properly as i want except.

  1. its not showing in report.
  2. see attached picture for reference.
    i settled all tickets at the end of the day. now when i add ticket waiter option is not coming.

and how to add logo on printed ticket ?

There is no Report Option

Do this

Right Click Add Ticket Automation Command, Clone it and Rename it as…

Edit Create Ticket Rule and add this constraint.

Click this button to add tickets.

For reporting see the last screen shot on my previous post.

For adding logo use forum search as it was answered before.

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thanks bro for helping

i have done step by step as you share but add ticket does not appear.

see screen shot after doing this . i think something is missing in this process screen shots.
i have searched for logo . but i did not find. can you tell me the name of topic it will ease me to find.

Edit Add Ticket On List Automation Command. Switch to Mappings tab and map it to Ticket List screen instead of Ticket.

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done. it appears now. i am testing for working.

add ticket working properly. but these orders are not showing in report in manner of waiter.

as i already told u bro that there is no any option of REPORTS in my samba pos4 menu list. attached snapshot.

Oh. Sorry I didn’t noticed it was V4…

You can try this implementation instead.

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its ok .
its working.

what about logo print?
i have searched all. but did not found anything like this . please help me out

For logo printing I’m pretty sure you can embed image on receipt at printer template section. Search the forum, you should be able to find something on that. If you have epson printers you can also flash the logo in its memory but I’d reccomend doing it through samba

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I recommend putting it in Printer NVRAM if you can. It is much faster to print and the image quality, IMO, is better. Then you need to use an <XCT> Tag in your Template to tell the printer to print the in-memory image, like:


For pulling logo from your computer drive (which is easier, but generally slower), you use a <BMP> Printer Tag, like:

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I learn something new from every post of yours haha. Thanks

dear @emre

ticket tag working properly but how to add ticket tag (waiter name) on ticket printer template.

i have another query.
ticket no does not refresh after closing and adding new time period. i want it refresh by every new time period starts for observing today’s order. as well as total ticket no.

find attached what i have done