Waiters sales report

My DB it was migrated from a V4, and i was using Waiters with a ticket tag and the end of day report, is not usefull for me, i want to set goals to my waiters, so i need to know how much they sale of every product, is posible to set the report to especify this? or i should create an entity fro everyone?
if there is the how do i select the entity at the general machine? right now i selected befere creating a new ticket

Sure this can be done with reports as they are, if not entity per staff like you say should be an option or order state of staff where value is the currentuser would do similar effect.
There is defiantly a way.

Have you searched the forum? Sure this has been covered several times.

i was looking at the forum, but i couldnt find anything, in fact i have a black hole in this topic, its realy hard for me understand how it works the reports, i cant use the sintax because i have not idea how it works

Did you look here?

That is a very well detailed documentation of the Custom Report Syntax with examples.

I can help you set this up but please share more information with what you are trying to do. Give a mockup example of what you expect it to look like.

yes i read it, but its like a chinese for me, every thing i made it work with examples or jus copying others tutorials, thanks anyway

I highly recommend you learn Chinese then. I mean seriously you cant expect the forum to just be your report generator it will really benefit you to study that a little. Its honestly not that hard but it will take some effort.

ohhh!! you are really funny thanks you again, im looking for a chinese school right now!!!

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Hey there, also trying to learn chinese here LOL!

I’m new to SambaPOS with V5 - I really appreciate all the resources on this forum, it’s been a great help in getting Samba setup for an existing Restaurant/Bar. Implementing Kendash’s Time Clock & Punch Editor - Custom Navigation Flow, I really like the new flow and functionality. So, I’m researching and playing with Custom Report Templates but I’m struggling to figure out how to create Staff Sales Reports like mentioned in this post. Especially how to link the employee entities to each custom report and have the staff be able to print their specific report at the end of their shift… any help or specific template examples would be greatly appreciated.


ok, i hire someone to do the job, when i get some results i will let you know

I offered to help. But please read the above quote maybe you missed that?


@renallspark When requesting report help please be as specific as you can and give us good concrete examples of what your needing. There are so many ways to setup reports or configurations and often we have to pry that information out of people before we can offer meaningful assistance sometimes if we are busy we may not respond if there is not enough information simply due to the fact that we wouldnt have the time to probe for additional required information.

Anyway it looks like your using employee entities right? Your not using Employee Users?

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Hi @Jesse thanks for your reply and sorry for being unclear. I’m using your timeclock/customflow tutorial … But Im not sure how to connect Employee Entities to the report instead of Users. I would like to print a Basic individual Staff Sales Report so they can cash out - I am playing with entities on the report template but cant figure out how to connect them properly. Im probably way off - something similar to this?:

Date: {DATE}
Time: {TIME}
@ Employees

Sales|P [=F(TN('{ACCOUNT CREDIT TOTAL:Sales}'),'#,#0.00')]
Service|P [=F(TN('{ACCOUNT CREDIT TOTAL:Service}'),'#,#0.00')]
Discounts|P [=F(TN('{ACCOUNT DEBIT TOTAL:Discount}'),'#,#0.00')]
Total|P [=F(TN('{ACCOUNT CREDIT TOTAL:Sales}')+TN('{ACCOUNT CREDIT TOTAL:Service}')-TN('{ACCOUNT DEBIT TOTAL:Discount}'),'#,#0.00')]
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Ok well your using Accounting Report Tags… but if you want to show sales you need to use REPORT TICKET DETAILS tags. Let me give an example:


You can play around with the syntax… but for me to really help you I need to know what you want in the report. Showing a mockup of what you want it to look like would help.

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oh!! it coud be useful for me too if was public the post jajajaj

Sorry didnt realize it was a beta topic one sec.

Starting on the reporting. First step was to modify WP report to show Employee Sales instead of User Sales

[Employee Ticket Sales:1, 1]

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Employee,([T.TotalAmount]).sum}

Ignore the blank sales I did not reset transactions after I built the Employee system.

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Hi @Jesse thanks! - ‘Report Ticket Details’ - that’s a helpful start. So similar to the following report is what we’re after… except we’re not recording Tips - so I think we only have to calculate an employee entity total sales for that shift…? and I should be able to create a ’ Print Shift Report ’ button in the POS menu?

EDIT: or this exmple

Ok so you want it broken down as single report for each Entity… not a single report with all entities… Do you want everything that sample report showed? Or is there specific things you only want in the report for each Employee?

Yes you can use the Print Report action and build automation around an Automation Command Button. We can use report parameters to feed which Employee is currently logged in… Man I really dont have time to show you right now I gotta hit the bed. I will try and throw something together tommorow night. However in the meantime you can look back at the Time Clock tutorial I built and check out the time keeping reports… you can get idea of how to feed Employee name into parameters inside a report.

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Yes a single report for each entity - as for specific content once I get the basics I should be able to customize if needed…

Sorry thanks for your help… I should be able to figure out the automation commands myself … but for Reports… it’ll help knowing where to look for Employee / Entity Parameters… Will update you on my progress tomorrow :slight_smile: Thanks again!

EDIT: Here’s wht Im kindof going for but cnt figure out the employee entity yet.

[Employee Ticket Sales:1, 1]

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Employee,([T.TotalAmount]).sum}

Credit Card | {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Credit Card)}
Total | {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Credit Card) or (PT=Cash)}

EDIT 2: Okay so more like some of these syntax>??..

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EC.Employee.Jen,T.TicketNumber,T.Time,TN.TotalAmount}

[Employee Tickets:1, 1]

testJen{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EC.Employee.Jen,T.TotalAmount.sum}
testFred{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:ELEN.Fred,T.TotalAmount.sum}
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Employee,T.TotalAmount.sum}
Credit Card | {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Credit Card)}
Total | {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Credit Card) or (PT=Cash)}

[Report Ticket Detils JEN:1, 1]

Credit Card | {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Credit Card)}
Total | {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Credit Card) or (PT=Cash)}

so something like this maybe for reporting on an Entity Employee? @Jesse did you get chance to look at all? ELEN and EC seem to do the same thing. any resources to study Report Parameters for whos currently logged in… what if both employees are logged in at once…

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So Nevermind… and thanks for your help @Jesse ! - we aren’t going to use the Custom Flow / Entities Time Clock any more. so now I’m just trying to do a sales report BY USER … and adding a button in the POS that can trigger a specific report to print based on the active user. I understand and agree with wanting people to learn and figure out the syntax themselves but I’m surprised no one has posted an example template or tutorial similar to this yet, I see alot of requests. Anyway I’m going to try and figure it out… For now I guess we’re just going to get the Waiters to cash out based on the standard Work Period Report.

I think this is exactly what I’m looking for, weird how searching I didn’t find it before…