Waiting List with SMS Notification

Has anyone put together a simple Customer Wait List setup with SMS Notification? I imagine this would be completed with Tasks or Customer Entities. I did a quick search and didn’t see anything, but Emre’s Todo list will be my starting point unless someone has a better suggestion.


That to do list would be a great start. A service like clicksend would work great with it.

For the Task Editor is there anyway to:

(1) Change the size and order of the custom fields?
(2) Remove the default task input field?

I know I could make my own fields, this just seems like an easy way to do it, if its possible.

The basics are now working but I need some guidance since this is my first time messing with tasks. If someone could lead me in the right direction that would be great. The text is working just find passing it through ClickSend. Some things I’m looking to do.

(1) Require input to fields (don’t allow entry unless everythings filled out)
(2) Remove the default entry field (below the custom fields)
(2) Restrict text customer unless a person is selected
(3) Adjust size of fields
(4) Change the order of the field input

Any advice is appreciated.

Not sure this is possible using a task widget.

Should be possible with automation.
[CommandValue] Is Null
[CommandValue] Is Not Null

Not sure about this one.

Maybe the order of the Custom Fields under Task Types.

This maybe the ideal time to use a Table View report. It’s a little more work upfront but you have better control over the look.

If you look the simple shopping list, the manual entry parts, it is along the same line of what you are trying to do.