Warehouse Inventory Problem

Hi guys, i want used warehouse to tracking my product. For example, the water cost was 1.5 but sale by 2, now i bought 10 bottles water from supplier, and the warehouse will show i have 10 water in stock, after i sale 2 bottles, the warehouse will show i have 8 bottles in stock and the total profit is 1 dollar, if in this time i bought 10 bottles again, the warehouser will show i have 18 bottles in stock. So anyone can tell me how to do this? i already fellow this tutorial Product Based Warehouse Tracking, but still can not fulfill me,please help me, thanks a lot.


##Supplier Entities and Accounts (optional)

##Supplier Account Transaction Type (optional)

##Inventory Purchase Transaction Type and Document Type

The Inventory Document Type shown here contains the Supplier Account Transaction Type, but this can be left blank if you have not defined Supplier Account Transaction Types. So the portions outlined in [color=Red]Red[/color] are optional.

##Mapping Products to Inventory Items and Recipes

##Warehouses Screen (overview)

##Inventory Purchase

Add Inventory Items (Inventory Transactions) and Save the Purchase (Inventory Document).

##Warehouses Screen after Selling Items

Thanks QMcKay, i am very appreciate for your replay, after i step by step follow your method, still can not fulfill my request. i bought 5 bottle honey lemon, after i sale 2 bottle, will be 3 bottle in stock, but now still 5 bottle in stock.

So please help me again? Thanks a lot.

Ensure your Department is set to use the correct Warehouse.

Also, review your Recipe for the Item.

Post screenshots of you configuration.

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thankyou sir for pinpointing this .
i will check it out sir