Wastage record as sale in work period

Hi i have implement wastage but when i check workperiod report it is showing as sale but this is wastage i have attach gif file

Your using products and tickets use sales transaction. Your really selling them. But let’s look at it. Since we have no idea what you did to set that up please give us screenshots of your setup.

i have follow this implement here is the link of that implement


It’s a wastage sale. How do you want it to look?

wastage we throw this item so it should not be the sale it should deduct from inventory and report of wastage

It is reporting as wastage. It’s in a wastage account.

but i dont want this into sales how to do this can u tell me pls

Redo your account transaction for that payment type.

i dint get you exactly were i have to change

Everything is controlled by account transaction types so look for the one your wastage payment type is using and adjust it.

ok here is screen shot can you tell me pls what i have to change here

can some one help me on this please

That looks right to me I have a similar more customised setup but the account transactions are the same, the wastage transaction goes to the wastage account and doesn’t show in sales

Where are you seeing in shown in sales in reports? You probably need to modify your report

My sales are based on my actual accounts for cash and card and wastage based on the wastage account so neither are connected, I also use the cost price in reports so my wastage shows as a true wastage figure of the cost to buy and not the cost to sell

This was my original setup and the account transactions are setup the same so it’s something else in your setup

I have heavily customised it since then so I could do to do a new tutorial

it is showing work period report as sales u can see the screen shots

Sam for your ticket type are you using the correct ticket type and did you set it to Wastage transaction or sales. Show a screenshot of the ticket type your using for wastage.

So I need you to know something first. This is a Sale Transaction. The money is being moved into a Wastage Account. That is correct accounting for this. What your seeing in accounting is the Sales Account for wastage and its being moved into Wastage Account. It goes to sales, then receivables then to wastage.

You are selling an item as wastage… that is what is happening. It doesnt mean its sold to a customer… but you are selling an item and using a wastage payment type. You also can leave it out of reports if you wish.

screen shot for ticket type

Yes you see there… if you want it to be some other kind of transaction than Sales that is where you change it. It is setup correctly as sales because that is what you are doing. I think your just confused on that. The money is ending up in Wastage account though.

There is no actual wastage system in SambaPOS yet. This was one way of setting it up but you can customize it how you like. RickH has a way he set it up.