Wastage record as sale in work period

you mean you want me to tick show on product report as now it is allready tick

This is how void is defined in states by default;

I have a separate report for voids but doing similar with wastage state will at least give you a daily value to wasted amount each work period to check it isnt being abused.

do you want me to untick show on ticket

Up to you, that relates to the line under the order where by default NEW, SUBMITTED etc is shown.
Admin user will see all order states regardless of this setting;

On my setup other than admin no states are shown on screen giving more vertical line space. I then used state formatting to just show simple NEW, VOID etc next to price;

how to do this underline and void instead of price can you tell me please

Using state formatting;

I have a complete seperate set of formatting states but you dont need to go to that extent for basic, you can just do for existing states for simple stuff.

Thought I had done tutorial, list of my setup for this but cant find it. PArt of some discussion here also;

yes i did it good tutorial thank u very much

i want to give reason option for this manually reason as i click on wastage it shuld ask for reason and i shuld be able to write the reason manually so how to do this and for this i want seprate report

This is something I’ll build into my wastage system along with adding user who wasted and time, I’ll re share my setup once updated

ok MR Rick i will wait for your update thank you very much

I’m on holiday at the moment and I can’t access me dev machine due to the issues with the installer in windows 10, until that is fixed I can’t access samba

Or when I get back home I can update my live system with the changes and show you

ok Mr Rickh thank you very much

Simplest way for open reason if your using the clone gift method would be to put prompt in state on your wastage action where your setting gstatus state to wastage put [?Reason] in the state value field.
This will however prompt for a reason for each order if your setting wastage in bulk.

i put the reason but its not showing the wastage and it is showing price as u share me that instead of price we see wastage but after i put reason it is showing price

You have set the state to test reason not the state value

There are 3 parts to a state, for example the default status state for a new order would have the following. Dont think any default rules actually use state value.
State Name/Type = Status
State = New
State Value =

In your screenshot the state value field has [:CommandValue] in it which is likely empty/null for your rule

i did that but same it is nothing change

It’s shocking that your someone reselling samba to be frank, did you not spend time to learn the basics priciples of samba before you offered to sell a solution to your customer?

You’ve made it even worse…
Resaon prompt should be in state value field…

if i set this then it is proper as scratch bar on item and wastage i see instead of price so shell i go with this set up

hi how to stop this wastage showing in work period report as i dont want this to be show in work period report

Set the state to not show on reports as discussed earlier.