State Formatting Sort Order/Priority

How/Can we define the order/priority of state formatting?

Have defined several states and set formatting however a couple ‘clash’ (diferent state names both order type) and would like to set one to have priority over the other.
Change sort order in states list just seems to rearrange (expect by state ID in database maybe).

I cant understand what your trying to achieve with this? Can you explain why this would be significant?

Have set formatting states in aim to remove the visible state under the orders.
Part of my switch user/hold means there are two states which overlap.

However have a solution, am going to set and define a new set of states under state name of formatting and set these to update as appropriate and use these rather than the default status values.

What do you mean by visible state under the orders?

To save space on ticket screen am going to turn off all the show on ticket for states and define colours for the orders instead.

Gift and New Orders are the only 2 that have Show on Ticket by default.

You shouldnt ever use default states for other things it will cause conflicts. For new flows etc you should use custom states. I am not sure why a Show on Ticket state would have anything to do with your switch user?

I have defined a CancelButton state so only one cancel button shows on hold orders - it was set to new and hold and the new state for CancelButton was clashing with the Status=New state formatting.

Anyway have defined set of new states;

The question on state priority was silly as shouldn’t have given the states similar values, was thinking in same mindset of ticket tags that define tag name and tag value but most states are defined purely on a value without state name.
Anyway all sorted now :smile:

Really not following you. You cant have a state without a state name.

You cant but mapping for automation commands you don’t specify the state name most of the time…
Also State formatting options are not refined to the State Name;
Name: Status – Value: New
Name: CancelButton – Value: New
Would clash on formatting which is what my initial problem was.

What do you mean clash on formatting… what formatting?

If you have two States of New but one belongs to Status and one belongs to CancelButton and you want specific mapping only for CancelButton then you enter mapping like this CancelButton=New

Settings --> States --> Display Format, Quantity Format, Price Format

I still dont understand how it would clash…

Name: Status – Value: New
Name: CancelButton – Value: New

Both these states have the same state value.
If you define a format for
Name: Status -- Value: New = Green and
Name: CancelButton -- Value: HoldCancel = Blue
Following your hold ticket tutorial where unholding the ticket makes orders new i defined the CancelButton status so only one cancel button showed and the already submitted orders which were now marked as new would mean the default cancel button would show but not work as already submitted to database.

Anyway forget it, all sorted now.

The verdict is setting state name in the state settings doesnt refine the settings for format and applies them to all NEW states. Hense why I have renamed and made new Format state with FNew, FSubmitted etc.

I still am not following you. How would they clash?

Sorry am getting myself all confused.
I had two seperate status names with status values of NEW and the formatting overlapped.

No it doesnt… it only applies it to States from that specific group if defined. Unless your using both States from Both groups.

What do you mean by overlapped? Like yellow + Green and it showed blue?

No, one got priority.

It doesnt work that way… perhapse the state you thought should have been shown was not the state it was using?

SORRY hold on, got the explanation wrong. Wait let me explain.