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Hello! I’m a new user I download and install SambaPOS 4 in English. Have you a french version?


There isn’t multi language support in V4, you can however customise pretty much everything and type the labels and button, menu and category labels etc in French

V5 will have multi language support but this is still being developed and there isn’t an estimate release date for that yet


Best regard


Hi Emre,

Just started working with SambaPos a month ago. Finding it still very confusing but everything is getting better day by day. What should i do regarding a question which i have yet to find an answer for? Will check out the community guidelines in the meantime. Im sure you will be seeing more of me in the future.

Many thanks


Hi JoJo

Welcome to the forum, just ask any question you like by clicking the new topic link at the top of the page, select a relevant category, give your post a title and ask away :slight_smile:


Create a new thread and use the appropriate version if it’s version 5 select the Question category and finally post your question. Provide as much supporting detail you can with screenshots of possible.

Welcome the the community.


Hello my name is Crabby Jean


So excited now
is this really free???
Ill keep in thouch…:slight_smile:


Version 4 is free with optional Paid modules to expand its capability. Version 5 is not currently free it has a $99 license fee good for unlimited terminals and includes the paid modules from v4.

We have an awesome community that most find superior to many third parties paid support offerings.


Hi i’m Barak and glad to have found this forum looking forward to having a great experience with your product and contribute to making it even better.


hey there, Juan from Ecuador. Just starting my brew in premises beer pub, great thing you guys are doing, thanks!


Hi there,
thanks for your support on this amazing opensource project.

I’m Michael from Germany and I’m learning to use and edit SAMBAPOS to our needs.

Hope i can learn quickly :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
You wont regret it, SambaPOS is great software but does require a bit of time to get to grips with (as with most) but the rewards if you give the time are huge.
Id recommend starting in the tutorial section.
Start with SQL Express is my recommendation to give you easier expansion at a later date which there is a good tutorial for if needed.
I have posted a couple of video tutorials which you might find useful, only a couple at the minute but hopefully more to come.


Hello, my name is Patrick a chef by profession and hoping to learn more of your system to see if i can integrate it in my operations


Hi Emre,

It is a pleasure to meet you. I have evalueated several options for a friend that owns a restaurant here in Bolivia (South America). I am very happy to have found Samba POS. I really think is the best I found, simple, clear and fast.

I would like to help translating Samba POS V4 to spanish.

Good Day!



Hello @chefpatrick. Welcome. Some people can find SambaPOS a little hard to learn because of customization possibilities. Feel free to ask if you can’t find an answer for your questions.


Hello Rod, your welcome. I’m glad to meet you too. Unfortunately V4 does not have multi language support and won’t receive updates. If you’re interested to translate V5 to Spanish just drop me a PM for details.



Hi Emre, just registered, can you help me with the Free programme for small restaurant, no pub, I am Jazz from South Africa, Kings Catering Professionals, have a great day and hope to hear from you soon.


Hello. Download V4 version from sambapos.com and follow these tutorials for setting it up.


hello emre, i just downloaded version 4 and i’m confused. I don’t know where to start
A guide will be appreciated. Thank you