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Hey welcome to the community. The best guide is this forum. Take advantage of the search function and check out the tutorials section of the forum. Tutorials are the best practice, do them even if you think you may not use that feature, it will get you aquanted with the system.


Hi Emre,
My name is Nibardo and I just started using sambaPOS V4, I found it really nice that you can customize it as you like, but that had me encounter many difficulties that I hope to resolve here.
Thank you.


Dear Emre ,

First of all , i really appreciate your efforts to offer this excellent product for free which is not possible in this commercial world . Coming to my intro, my name is Srini and me along with my few other friends have plans to startup a restaurant . As part of our research , we found your software to be very useful which we can use for our business ,but, than, i would like to get some training to start using this software actively for our restaurant business once it is active .

Please get back to us at the earliest and as per your convenience .

Thanks in advance



Hello Srini and welcome to the forum!

There are many guides on the forum here on how to setup SambaPOS for your business. Just take a look at the tutorials category, and also you can search for what you are looking for, there are literally thousands of posts by users just like you who found solutions to meet the needs of their business from the forum.

You can start at the welcome topic which has many links to other related articles, as well as information on installation.

If anything isn’t clear, you can post a new topic on the forum along with screenshots or info on what you are trying to achieve. Some of the experienced forum members will gladly help you via the forum.

If you are looking for personal, paid support, training or setup assistance, you may post a topic in the Ads category. My company also provides paid professional services if you require this.