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Hello I’m Emre. I’m a developer in SambaPOS project. Thousands of restaurants from more than 50 countries are actively using SambaPOS on production and I hope you’ll be one of them.

We’re doing something different in Restaurant POS industry. If you like what we are doing here you can be a part of it by asking questions, suggesting ideas or sharing your experience. We crafted SambaPOS by real user feedbacks so everything posted makes SambaPOS better.

Let’s join now and introduce yourself here. We’ll be glad to meet you.


Hi Emre.

Nice to meet you. You are doing very good job. I’ll be an active member on your project by contributing to your documentation, donations, paid modules and coding :slight_smile:

All the best from Australia.


Hello Emre,

We are an IT company from India. We have started acclimatizing with the product. Kudos to your efforts. We have been able to understand the product to an extent, though with difficulties :smiley: To start with we wish to install the application at one of friends’ restaurant.

We have been able to create, waiters, products, product groups, menus and lot of other things by self learning, through help from site, videos and forum and blogs.

We are stuck up at customer creation. We created customers (through ‘manage’ as well as through ‘POS’) but while searching they are not visible.

Another feature we would like to have is customer groupwise pricing. e.g. standard price of Vegetable sandwich is Rs. 80 but for customers defined under a group it should be Rs. 95.

We created Waiters - as Ticket Tag and defined names of the waiter as subtags. We are able to assign a waiter to a table with this. We would like to have a permanent association of tables and waiters. Is it possible?

We are curious to know the users in India.

It is a great initiative. We surely wish to contribute.


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@smginfotech did you renamed Customer Entity Type?

Hi @emre,

I’m so lucky to at last find SambaPOS project though it’s a little too late :smile:. I find it very powerful and flexible system that exeeds my expectation. Thanks for that.
By the way, it is just my curiosity, how many developers are there who contribute for the project?

Hi Emre,

Nice to meet you and thanks so much for your efforts. I have been building a test environment and every question i have had it seems you have all ready answered.

Barchie Australia

Hello emre,
My name is Kenyetta and I am using your system to run a restaurant in Cordele GA. I did have a question though. I am trying to add my tax table so it will calculate tax and I am unsure really how to do this. I have just added all of my items with tax already included. Can you please shed a little light on this please. Thanks from Cordele, GA.

Look here:


Hello Emre,
I am originally Italian but i live in New Zealand by now.
I just begun to explore SambaPOS and by now it’s awesome!
It just takes some time to get accustomed for the non tech-savy like me.
It definitely worth the time spent, just thinking how much you can save from buying a pre-made system!


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HI SambaPOS team

This Raju for India, I am planning to deploy and try SambaPOS for first time in one of our new Take-Away center


Hello Raju,

Let’s get in touch. I can be contacted at nilam@smginfotech.com.



We did our first succssful installation.
It’s a great application.
Kudos to SambaPOS team.

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Hello emre

It is nice to meet you.

I am a POS designer for the Worlds largest POS company and , I have to say I LOVE this POS system.


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Hello Robert. Welcome to SambaPOS community forum.

HI Emre i am useing sambaPOS V4 for my resturant and i would like to if i can add my logo on the ticket and is it possbile to erase the data.

Yes you can add your logo. You can include <BMP>c:\files\MyLogoFilePath.bmp tag in your printer template to display c:\files\MyLogoFilePath.bmp file as logo. You can find some examples if you search forum. See this tutorial for more info about formatting printouts.

If you mean to erase all transactional data yes it is also possible. You can find some solutions if you search forum. Here is an example.

PS: You can use New Topic button on top right side of main screen to create new topics for your questions.

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I am Abe Phoxaysy from Lao PDR. I am very lucky to find SambaPOS and do a correct decision. We lunched SambaPOS more than 10 restaurants in 6 months. It is very flexible and adaptable to restaurant system in my country as there are many thing special out of box. If possible we would like to share idea to project of hotel management in sambaPOS.



Very long and probably confusing but this conversation is doing just that.

Hi Emre.
I’m a retired English IT salesman, hoping to help my Son-in-law set up a POS for his small Mexican restaurant in Laos.
We are tech savvy, but not programmers.
Our first questions are about platform choices:

  1. Which version of SambaPOS to use? V3 or V4?
  2. Which Windows Version? 7,8 or 10?
  3. Which database? Preferably from the OpenForum community?
  4. Which printer to buy?
    If the answer to any of the above is “it depends”, please answer with suggestions that are the most stable, easy to learn/use and inexpensive.
    Looking forward to your reply?
    PS I’ve had some great times and superb meals in Turkey!

Hi Brian.


Windows 10

SQL Server Express 2014

Any thermal printer that supports ESC-POS emulation.

More Info.


I’m glad to hear that. Turkey is a great place to have a nice vacation…