What causes Inventory to disappear in EOD?


The append unmapped brings the back BUT the value is $0.00 and you cannot edit that column?


Presumably because the Item was neither Sold nor Purchased.

You should not be editing the Cost anyway. Only the Quantity.


Well I agree but once you APPEND Unmapped they come in as $0 as shown above. This screws up all reports…


Then don’t do it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm I see. Adjusting current inventory will spread the periodic cost. I mean if you sold 100 items and the cost is $10… when you adjust it to 110 items it will calculate 110 items sold for $10. I don’t know how we’ll be able to handle this when we don’t know the cost (we didn’t sold in that period).


Well the customer rang up not happy as he said “half his stock is missing”! The manual stock take list (he walked around and counted each item) was twice as long as the EOD report.

So how do you enter OR check the stock take physical against Samba EOD…


Instead of editing eod… creating a waste warehouse and moving wasted items there might be a better fit for you.


But you can’t create Inventory Transactions when the WP is closed. And you can’t see the EoD until the WP is closed.

So will need to print a Custom Report before closing WP?
Count Stock, and write down Physical next to Prediction.
Execute “transfer” Inventory Documents to move difference of Quantities to Waste Warehouse.
Close WP.


Doesn’t it make sense? It should happen before eod generates.


Humm OK.
I think Emre if you told the current developers that al they need was to keep creating this record you not have this problem:

You see it just stops at 237 - if it carried the cost along when you Append Unmapped items i.e. last known at 237 - it would all work…

The ID 264 is my solution by opening the WP and purchasing the new total with the cost (as only way to get the cost in).

I am finding that stock needs adjusting for a Bar for 80% of items mainly because there purchase orders are not up to date. Therefore I ave a custom report like you say Q BUT too many items need adjusting and they are not in the EOD inventory screen…

This is my problem.


lol… sorry it might not work as it appears on the database. You want zero quantity transactions with carried cost but I don’t know how it could affect overall cost calculation as zero quantity transactions are not expected.


Ok then what was this button supposed to do?

Append Unmapped Items? Why was it there?

I think it was put there so quantities could be manually adjusted to physical stock after a stock count? And the button was to create a transaction record if there was no “last period consumption”.

That would be great BUT the cost comes in as Zero $0 - do you see now or have I confused you…


Hmm you can map inventory to a specific warehouse. That button is useful when you need to change that mapping. Well I’m having a little difficulty to remember the exact case but I remember I made some work to remove unnecessary items from eod lists… due to a request.


Leftover from V2 ? :wink:


:slight_smile: probably that was not to display items (for example drinks) on specific warehouses (for example kitchen)


There might be more records in the Table, but you only selected TOP 1000 …


Yes OK - it seems the best solution would be to use the list if they have a current transaction shown AND then purchase the remaining amount in.

It just seems something not quite right as the inventory reports start to not show stock as well…


Yes I checked it has 109 records as the quantities change every 20 records then stop after the ones I have shown… This would be the same for rest of stock about 40 items…


The reason why I thought ou had nailed it @QMcKay is how come we have records I have highlighted here where the stock was not consumed from period to period!

I know I am ranting but something is wrong - why did it just stop at 237… as this example…


How it does not show stock?