What causes Inventory to disappear in EOD?


Well here one report I use - notice it used Consumptions…

[Inventory Cost Report:3, 1, 1, 1, 1]
{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name.asc,C.Unit,C.Inventory, C.Cost, ([C.Inventory]*[C.Cost]):}
Totals||||{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:[([C.Cost]*[C.Inventory]).sum]:}

I am not sure if it comes out of the image above (stopping at 237) but what if there was no current record? I think they drop from this report…

[Remember the next record 264 was not there as I had to purchase it later to make it show again]


I’m probably missing something but I don’t know what it is lol. So it was working as you want and suddenly stopped doing it?


Can you start a new work period. Sell one item, end work period and post eod here?


Yes give me a minute I will restore the DB - I am sure that will work it will show up again…


Here is that report syntax running - notice no Bombay Gin.

So I have opened the WP sold 1 Gin and ran the same report -

Bombay Gin now has magically appeared as Q says …


Makes sense. The Tag {REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:X} runs queries against DB table [PeriodicConsumptionItems] … which is also what an EoD “report” is. All the same thing, getting data from the same place.

… I think :wink:


I think our problem here is EOD was never meant to be a continuous stock take report for manual stock takes. It was meant specifically to adjust daily inventory you may have sold because in restaurant we never have exacts it can be off a little.

To get what you want you will need to build it.


Now after I have sold the item and closed the work period - it now has appeared in the EOD report -

So this has to be an issue.
I just will find it hard explaining to the customer he has to go to 2 places to enter his stock adjustments after a physical count.

He will not know his wastage as he still believes the Samba values are correct until he physical does a count.


Yes but unfortunately we are very limited with inbuilt Samba functionality to build it - we would need to go ala Q style… I guess I surprised this has not been raised before.


I disagree. Why have a “Physical Inventory” column that is editable, if it were not meant to make corrections and track “shrinkage” ?

I think Inventory was started ages ago, things were added and changed over the years, and the result is a “broken” band-aid solution to many “issues”.

Please don’t take this the wrong way Emre… it’s just how I see it. Thus the PHP system I built for v4, because the Inventory system in SambaPOS is missing a lot of things and has flaws IMHO.

I noticed this years ago, but I don’t even use EoD. Never did.


@pauln now can you stop wp, start wp, sell something else, stop wp again and show me the latest generated eod? Will bombay gin disappear from eod?


Ok I will try to see if we loose it again… 1 tick… @emre it is stocking around I will drop an image of SQl here as well:


It may still capture it due to date range… Can you post the End Of Day Record screen?


Here it is:

Here is the SQL Table and it now has kept the consumption record if there was no consumption:


So which warehouse appears on Bombay Gin inventory card?



But there is about 40 items that are all like this and disappear at various days I assume…


OK I misunderstood the issue. It shouldn’t disappear when mapped to a warehouse. Hmm what might be the reason of it?


@emre I honestly think if the APPEND Unmapped items just went and got the last item it can find in Period consumptions and used that cost everything would work as normal in these cases where there was no consumption last period.

BUT - there must be a limit because it seems the consumption record will be maintained with no consumptions for 100 days :wink:

I think Q has the answer…


[PeriodicConsumptionItems] as the name suggests does not contain records for Inventory Items that have no “transactions” (as per Recipe for something Sold, or per Purchase Transactions) within the given Period (WP). :wink:


Funny too much winking…