What causes Inventory to disappear in EOD?


Good point I was assuming based on the flow I see it use. I never use it either I thought it was clumsy.


I think it should generate an empty consumption item as inventory item mapped to a specific warehouse.


Umm yes bottleshops and bars are different beasts.
On the other thread I mentioned about Cloud POS - well the most important and compelling attribute why the owner changed was better stock control…


Yes it was but just stops after so many records?


No it shouldn’t stop after so many records :slight_smile: There should be a different reason.


I really appreciate the time Emre, Q and K - its 12.20am and feels like some old days I remember lol.

As I said to Q it important as I need to know “yes” or “No” and how I approach this with a customer who has paid for the product.

Again the fix would be to enhance the Append Unmapped Items to find the last Period Consumption values in the table. That would keep the best of both worlds.

Also I did notice the blank records created when “Appending Unmapped Items” actually disappeared when Ending the Work Period - so I guess @emre your code created on a “request” is in there somewhere…


I’m reading the source code… What it is doing is creating items for all inventory items and later removing items that are not mapped to the warehouse. So the only way to not having an item in eod is not mapping it to a warehouse. When not mapped to the warehouse and also does not have a transaction it automatically removes.


That is crazy, and would not solve anything; just create more problems.


No it have a specific meaning. When it is not mapped to a specific warehouse it appears on the warehouses it have transactions.


I think better would be for that to happen automatically in the Table (carry all Consumption records to next WP, whether Quantity changes or not), without need to click a button.

I think this “Append Unmapped Items” is for some other feature altogether and in your case, you should never need to use it.


I have found the original Purchase Document:

This again is an example as there is more items like Bombay Gin…


Yes tend to agree - it just seems it may break the code Emre might have put into place to clean-up “non-consumed items” - if that exists. As I mentioned the heap of extra records created do not get carried across if you leave them blank ie. no current inventory entered.


@pauln when you restore your backup and end work period does bombay gin does not appear in eod? If it does not, can you send me that backup?


Bombay is already missing in that backup? Sorry not sure what you are asking…
Ah see yes I will check…


Can you restore once more, end wp without selling anything and check if bombay gin appears or not in the latest generated eod? I’m trying to understand if it is reproducible or not on that backup.


Ok restored backup anf of course the WP is already closed - so just open and close again?


Yes just do it…


Yes the error still there… Can send you the DB?


So Bombay Gin does not shown in latest eod right? Now can you please create another backup and send both backups to me? It will be awesome if you can label files properly so I can understand which one taken after closing the work period…

I’ll be in İstanbul on Wed. We can test it there. I’ll let you know our findings.


Yes with pleasure - I will send now thanks for taking the time out to revisit old grounds. I have been told we have 3 sites now affected by this so was at the end of the rope…

Thanks Again…