What does the "/20" mean

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Hey @JTRTech did you ever get a reply to this question? The /20 has me puzzled as well. I see that “Q” also quoted in his posts on various occasions. This was the best I could find:

Anyway interested to know the meaning, thanks.

My query was to what it was ie tip/tax.
/20 is obviously decide by 20 or 5% :smile:

It has sort of got me stuffed as I note “Q” has it in his “Accounts Type” Tile format and I have been staring past it for weeks until now. So we divide all Totals Sales by 20 to give us?..

Here is my Tile:

Here is the syntax (last bit towards the end in brackets):

Sales: [=F(-1*(TN('{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Sales}')+TN('{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Sales T1}')+TN('{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Sales T2}')),'0.00')] ([=F(-1*(TN('{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Sales}')+TN('{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Sales T1}')+TN('{ACCOUNT TOTAL:Sales T2}'))/20,'0.00')])

It has to be something very simple that I am looking too hard for :confused:

I asked out of curiosity on that topic, it was on printer template so presumed it was showing some form of tax as a calculation rather than using the tax setup in samba.
Given the worldwide use of samba it would be any number of things.
I beleive Qmckay is UK based and the only tax we have here is VAT at 20% so not sure what 5% (/20) would represent…

Surely you dont need to copy everything :stuck_out_tongue: if it means nothing to you leave it out LOL

Yep - leaving it out was my next step. If you search the forum it has been used quite a bit in report templates and it not really Qmackay’s style to hard code a tax rule? Just thought it may have been something important :relieved: so your thinking is the same as mine - its gone, gone…

Its something custom for him probably a % he keeps for something.

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LOL, yes it is a hard-coded currency conversion. You can remove it.

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