What I expect in V5

These are the things I expect in V5, as you may know it will be released in June, hopefully.
Or you can count them as suggestions.

  1. MySQL Support.
  2. Custom Reports (free?) hehe
  3. Reports Templates (Just like printer templates).
  4. ability of having 2 floors, for example ground floor tables and outside tables.
  5. Live support (can be by volunteers).
  6. Ongoing orders (A screen showing unclosed orders with a timer showing the time taken, also for delivery).
  7. New Layout and the ability to switch between white and black.
  8. Email System, the ability to send emails to suppliers to order goods, a simple fields to fill and a generated format to be sent by SMTP.
  9. the ability for SambaPOS to listen to a certain port and accept connections to allow the remote user to access the reports.
  10. Read #5

MySQL, doubtful (for now at least - no mention of this yet that ive seen)

Custom reports obviously a module at the moment - might get your wish on that one :smile:

Report templates? this is what custom reports is isnt it?

2 Floors, you can do this in V4, create multiple entity screens for each floor and map the entities to the appropriate ones.

Live support? that is virtually what this forum is… doubt you’ll get better free support as active as this forum from any other community :stuck_out_tongue:

Ongoing orders - you could probably do this or similar with a custom entity screen and ticket lister in V4 but not done much work on custom entity screens.

Black and white themes are in V5

Email system - thought you could set an email printer in V4 - if not its now in V5 I think

SambaPOS to listen to port for reports? not sure what you mean by that, could you not just use RDP or teamviewer etc?

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  1. This wont happen. You need to understand something about how the Software works. He is using libraries and a closed source structure that works with MSSQL and it would be a VERY big and VERY complex task to convert it to work with MySQL. MSSQL works fine so I wonder why you feel you need MySQL?

  2. Yes

  3. Yes

  4. Can do that with v4

  5. Already available via forum but I believe he is working to provide professional support in future.

  6. Yes

  7. Yes

  8. Already available in v4

  9. Already Available with RDP and Email options

  10. The forum is a treasure trove of support unfortunate that many people do not utilize it correctly. Most people when they think of support they think of Do it for me and then tell me.

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PS. I just provided this :stuck_out_tongue: There is already a treasure trove of volunteers doing this now so I wonder why you think there is not?

I know I personally love the forum structure and how active it is. Its much easier for me when configuring SambaPOS to do it with forum support than it would be by phone. I mean I can see examples, follow tutorials, and get better detailed support than i ever could by phone.

Again though it kind of boggles my mind why you would think this is not already available… I help people every day and typically i post almost 50-100x a day helping people and thats just me, @QMcKay helps out just as much and lately so does 4or5 others.


Don’t get me wrong, this support is good.
but when my restuarant stops for a software problem, I can’t tell the customer kdendash went to pee :stuck_out_tongue: with all do respect mate

Thanks everyone for your replies :slight_smile:

Then that would need to be paid professional support. You cant expect that level of support to be free from volunteers. I am fairly certain that Professional Support is in the works but it may be some time before we see it.

I will say this though I knew nothing about SambaPOS last year when I started working with it for my Restaurant. I learned as much about it as I could because of that very statement you just made. I did NOT want to put myself into a situation where my restaurant stopped working because of a software issue. So I made sure I had the knowledge to fix problems myself. It took me maybe 4 months to get to that point which is really not long.

Paid support can be great but honestly professional support often can take much longer to diagnose issues than you think. The way SambaPOS is designed it would benefit you tremendously to learn it so you can support it.


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Second that! Respect where respect is due @Jesse @QMcKay @emre often go out of there way to help over and above.
How can you expect volunteers to offer free 24hr support!

On a separate note, if you properly test your configuration in a test environment and do not try to update settings in the middle of service nothing should change and you shouldn’t have issues! Samba wouldn’t suddenly stop working in the middle of service unless its been setup wrong or you have local/hardware issues :smile:

Please dont take this the wrong way I understand your need and so does @emre. But support like your talking about requires a LOT of resources and is something that might take a while before we see it.

I agree, but you never know, and a business owner does not prefer to count on something free, his mind is 50+ years old, so
However I see the solution making SambaPOS paid… or atleast the support is, get some employees.
You guys are all great, I am too :3 haha

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I am fairly certain SambaPOS has been running Extensively without issue in thousands of venues. You can rest assured as long as its configured well SambaPOS will not fail your more likely to have hardware issue before you have a software issue with SambaPOS.

@ab0udamd I think you will like v5. We have put a LOT of work into improving it and the list of new features is very long.

PS. I am still curious why do you want MySQL support?

I think so too, @kendash

Cheers mate!

Well in 42 minutes you reached 2 SambaPOS experts and a SambaPOS developer. Lots of questions answered in that period and we also chatted about how support should be. What can we expect more from professional support?

PS: We’ll provide professional support for basic setup and common configuration tasks.


Thank you @emre chuckles :3

PS: Add “Multiple Customer Wallets” or Customer Accounts per Customer (Max 4?)
Sorry @ab0udamd, rude I know for jumping in but this is sooo important here in Australia…

@pauln I think something for that might be considered its been noted you do not need to repeat it :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfect @kendash, that is all I needed to hear :smile: so will go back into my box…

Hi everyone, I’m really looking forward to V5. I do have a few small requests.

  1. Would it be possible to have the kitchen display and bar display setup as part of the standard download In V5? It would make it much easier for new installations.

  2. Can the system be cloud based and in turn, reports be accessed via secure login from a website? Maybe log into Sambapos website with your own user ID and gain access to your own restaurant data. This will be good for accounts and book keepers.

  3. Simplified email setup. Use a Sambapos server for emails, this way the program can work without too much setup from the ends user.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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  1. We’ll have quick setup feature to make such configurations easier.
  2. We’ll release a product named Samba Chain that works as an online service to gather transactions and metrics from local servers and generate consolidated reports & display online dashboards. It’s development actively continues.
  3. Interesting idea. We’ll evaluate it.

Thank you for sharing your ideas.


The Samba chain product sounds like an awesome idea. Great!!

Is it possible to have an interface with a popular accounting package like QuickBooks? That will make life so easy for many of us

Great work Emre!!