What is Remove Limit in product list?

Hi Guys - still learning :slight_smile: and loving Sambapos - as soon as we are up and trading I am determined to make a donation to support you! this system was great a month ago when I started … and now a month later I’m getting the hang of it … but the more I do the more I want to tweak and change! my partner thinks i’m insane :slight_smile: Just a quick question - When I open ‘Product List’ at the top I get a ‘Remove Limit’ link - I know that before I click, some items are not visible but after clicking, I see the full list. I was just wondering what it’s function is ? and what and why there is a limit. It’s just me wanting to learn :slight_smile: so no hurry I know you guys are very busy.

also on the same topic - my product categories are numbered 1 2 3 4 etc etc to 30 . is there anyway of sorting the order in the product list - by category ? as mine are ordered by the first numeric … so sorted as 10 11 15 20 30 4 5 60 and not 4 5 10 11 15 20 30 60 ( clicking ‘sort order’ only sorts products within a category )

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Many screens have the Remove Limit link at the top. If you had 1000 products and the limit was not initially imposed, the product list would take much longer to load.

This can be seen in the Accounts section under Transactions, especially when you’ve been running for a year or so and there are 10000+ or 100000+ Transactions to list. Initially the screen loads the list quickly, because it is limited, but when you Remove Limit, you’ll notice a delay while the rest of the Transactions load.

I don’t know if there is a way to sort Product Categories (a products Group Code), but you might try changing your single-digit groups to include a leading ZERO (ie. 04, 05 instead of 4, 5)… that might do the trick.

Thanks @QMcKay we’ve not gone live yet … so not experienced lots of transactions as I clear DB all the time whilst I’m setting up … I’ll give the leading 0 a try and see what happens…

Is there somewhere within Sambapos to change the product category names or do I need to do this from each product ?

As far as I know, you’ll need to modify each Product to change the GroupCode. There is no Batch Editor for Products (as there is for Entities). You can do Batch Creation, but not editing.

On the other hand, if you’re running SQLExpress and are familiar with SQL, you could find the table in the DB and edit the GroupCode there very easily (use at your own risk)…

update [SambaPOS4].[dbo].[MenuItems] 
set [GroupCode] = '0' + [GroupCode] 
WHERE [GroupCode] in ('1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9')

I’m not sure how category sorting will help but if it is for finding items easily this search trick might be handy.

Thanks @QMcKay I did it through SQL and putting a ‘0’ sorted it.

and Thanks @emre! I just find it easier when editing … we will make changes to our printed menus most weeks and the groups are in the same order as they appear on our printed menus. But your search tip will also be help :smile: