When I search I can't select quantity before click on product

It’s a bug or a function?

I search some products and I can only click it, but I need to select before quantity and then click on product name.

How to do?

You select the product… then upper left you press + button.

Kendash, i know that, but I need something quicker, like, so, my request.

You cant because your using that SAME numberpad to search… Maybe add large and small numberpads to same menu? ill try it see if it works

EDIT: Nope cannot do both.

You understand why it wont work right? What if you were searching for something that had a number in its name…

I think situation like this you should look at how your menu is organized. Maybe select a few items you sell the most and make a FAST Menu so you dont have to search as much… or redo your categories etc. to reduce the usage of SEARCHING

@emre the only thing I can think of that would do what he is requestion without breaking the search for other people is maybe adding the ability to press enter and lock the search string… clearing the box to select qty.

@emre can do miracles. I know.

You certainly like to ask for some :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Type your search
  • Click quantity separator (default x and configurable from program settings)
  • Type a quantity
  • Choose product.

That will work on next update and will work for quantities from 1 to 9. Sorry for not supporting double digit quantities since it breaks barcode search feature. I hope it helps.


@emre, thanks. I understand that this function will work on next update (56?), but I don’t understand HOW this function will works.

I have, maybe, to press after my search a key on the keyboard that I can configure in Program settings? Like the “*” key?


I understand good?

Will work like in other POS systems

you will enter TEx5

SAMBA will find


and when you click on the prodcut it will automatically add 5


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