When Paying a Ticket, it change the status to Paid and disapears from kitchen display

How do I prevent the ticket to disapear from the kitchen display once the ticket is paid but order is not finished?

My customer makes order to go and are paid before they are processed in the kitchen, but once the ticked is paid, it does not appears in the kitchen display.

Can you give me instructions on what to do?

You have to set it to show Paid Status in the widget. You may need to modify it a little like use load ticket first. Once its paid it is marked close.

I can get the list the entity (table order) in the ticket lister by adding PAID next to unpaid in the Kitchen Display Screen settings.

But then the ORDER READY button does not work. how do i correct this?

There seems to be many posts about this but no-one created a solution in the forum. as far as I can see.

For paid tickets you need to load the ticket, reopen closed ticket then let the do the rest of the actions. I will show a screenshot of how I handle them on my system.

You have to reopen the ticket or it wont let you edit it. Ignore the last action that is for V5 only which we are testing.


Thank you it solved the problem, button works now!

Hi Stephan,

Just wondering how you did this? Because in the state field in the settings, I put “Unpaid Paid”, is this what you are supposed to do, because it didn’t work with me?

Also, one more thing, if there are two of an item it doesn’t display in the kitchen, it only displays one, do you get this error?

you need to comma separate the values in the state field so you would need to enter Unpaid, Paid

if you are only getting one item displayed its could be a ticket setting grouping same order lines together, and then you don’t have the item quantity tag set in your template to display 2x item name so instead it groups “item name” and “item name” together to be just “item name”

I could be completely wrong, this is just a guess based on what you’ve said, can you post screen shots of your ticket settings that you use on your display

Hi Rick!

Thanks for your reply, I got the quantity thing working, but couldn’t do the paid orders, can you please check out my screenshot below?

I tried with and without the space after the comma

Try putting Submitted in the order state field