Windows 7 with multiple concurrent RDP connections will break

If you currently using Windows 7 with RDP hack, KB2984972 will break your RDP setup.

This proves the point that @Jesse and I were trying to make about proper Windows licensing.

Hope it saves some headaches for people that are using the hack and it should serve as a warning not to use Windows improperly.

So they finally patched it.

They patched and if you google that KB there is a lots of people complaining. :slight_smile:

I saw it coming… especially with the windows 10 and the new service in windows server 10 that is similar.

LOL, patched and broke a pile of other things for many legitimate users…

What a mess lol. I have a feeling it will be reverted but the Terminal Services hack will still be patched.

I’ve tested SambaPOS with both


Both working great and I’ll upload some videos. A friend from Microsoft said more $1xx tablets are coming soon and that will be a great alternative solution.

For example with $169.00 price tag this looks like a great tablet.

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Windows 10 will usher in a ton of new tablets as well. They are getting rid of the RT fiasco. BTW its in the news that a $69 tablet was recently released. I did not remember the name of it however.


They’ll probably kill Windows Phone too. There will be single OS for everything and SambaPOS will work on all of them :slight_smile:

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I currently use a windows phone so I have been watching this. And your right they will be converting it to windows 10 as well. The developer preview for it is due out next year some time.

Another thing to ponder is the apps from the app store will work across all platforms. You buy app on PC you can use it on phone, tablet, watch etc. I think this might finally give Microsoft a chance to attract more developers for its ecosystem.


Do you have live environments with SambaPOS being installed on Windows 8 using WI-FI? How reliable is the setup?

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I am using it right now and it works great. I am using this router:

My single tablet device that I am using is a Surface Pro 3 from microsoft… expensive yes but its working flawlessly and the 12" screen is sweet spot for POS on a tablet if you ask me.

Now if I could figure out a way to integrate the Pen Digitizer to work with Samba in some cool way that would be even better!

EDIT: Just adding that my Wireless coverage is excellent with this router… however I also do not have a location that is riddled with competing WiFi signals. My location only has 1 or 2 other wifi signals near me so collision and congestion is reduced drastically.

Developing a separate customer and waiter client for app store in our todo list and we’ll probably receive development support from MS :slight_smile:

Yes some venues successfully using windows 8 tablets in live environments however good wi-fi coverage is still an issue.


Go to Control Panel > Windows Update > Installed Updates > Find KB2984972 > Right Click > uninstall > Reboot when prompt.

I reinstalled the termserv.dll patch after the reboot. You may or may not need to do this. I didn’t test concurrent RDP after just uninstalling the windows update. I tested after reinstalling the termsrv.dll patch.

dont forget to either turn off updates or keep windows from installing KB2984972.

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That is not really a fix that is just uninstalling the update and hacking termserv.dll again. Plus this turns off any security patches which should be installed for mission critical systems.

Doesn’t sounds like a good solution for production systems as it will also turn off security patches or similar useful updates.

its a temp fix. In cases like we have where you need both the RDP and the PC right this day. Id expect a little common sense here guys. There is a real 64bit fix but as of about noon today there’s no 32bit fix.

Very subjective… as my common sense tells me not to use a hack to prevent situations like this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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How is the size working for the waiters/waitresses. I have been running a restaurant with 3x 8" tablets and they love the size. Anything bigger they say will be too big.