WorldPay Card Integration

Has anyone managed to integrate WorldPay with Samba?

Wow so wierd that you just asked that. I just opened up my 1099k from Worldpay and was reading it then I saw this hahaha. No nobody has integrated WorldPay with SambaPOS.

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They are getting close to releasing an integrated card system for the USA. I am not sure where you are based from. I know payment sense is available in the UK.

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London, UK.

I’ve heard of Payment Sense however I’m very happy with WorldPay.

We will have to continue what we have been doing, not that it doesnt work but integration will speed up processing time and reduce errors.

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My only experience with WorldPay is the fact that they are who processes for Cake POS in the USA. Cake has a partnership with them and its marketed as Cake Payments but WorldPay powers it.


What rate are they giving you?

Obviosly varies for all the different card types, but the one that matters is Visa Debit which is around 0.3%

Just found this for my new Terminal, is it something that can be worked with?


I’m a Worldpay reseller and am working with a developer right now to integrate Worldpay to SambaPOS.

What terminals are you using?

You need to discuss this with @tayfun we need to approve any integrations.

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Hi Jesse

Of course. We are in the initial stages of getting Worldpay to approve it first, as they will then provide all the docs you guys need. If they say no, then there’s no point wasting your time!

We need to talk to them and understand all agreements first. There are a lot of things we would need to understand before we partner with them. We handle payment processing integrations on our side.

Yeah I know, that’s why we spoke to them first so as not to have you guys spend time on it if they said no way. They employ thousands of people that can afford to waste their time!!

Any updates on being able to integrate World Pay Card Machines with SambaPOS?


We do not have an integration yet. Discussions continue but there is a lot that has to be done for these kind of integrations. It is not simple and can take a long time to negotiate.

We are partnered with Paymentsense though. Have you looked at them?


Thanks for the update.

I have been working with WorldPay for many years and not very keen on switching providers as I get very good rates. But I have raised a query with Payment Sense to see if it makes sense to switch.

People I have reffered report generally they will match if not beat current rates.
No harm if getting a quote.

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I’m pretty sure they just raised their rates due to the major card brands changing pricing. I was with Worldpay and switched for integration.

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Okay Payment Sense have come back with what seems a better deal.

So considering switching in order to get integration.

What is the version requirement in order to integrate?

Yes you right they have beaten my current prices. Thanks.